Friday, September 30, 2005

Question of the Day...

To help get you started (or finished?) in this contest I have going on, here's a question I'd love you all to answer.

What are some of the most memorable names of towns you've ever heard? You don't have to have visited the place. But what are some of the town names you've heard that either shocked you or made you chuckle.

I posted about getting a postcard from Hell..... Hell, Norway, that is!!! Juli informed me that there is a Hell, Missouri! I didn't know that! Are there any more Hells in the United States? How about other countries?

So I guess that is two questions...

1. Are there any towns named "Hell" that you know of?

2. What is/are the most memorable town name(s) you've heard of or visited?

I'll start in answering this question. One memorable town name that sticks out in my mind is Climax, Georgia... Never visited, just heard of it and it made my eyes widen and my mouth drop in a look like "Are you serious??? I wonder how that town got THAT name???" That would be an interesting follow-up question to the unique town names we discover.

Leave your answers in my Comment section! I can't wait to hear your unique town names.


Juli said...

How about Intercourse, Pennsylvania? lol :)

There is a town in NC called Toast.
I thought that was a really silly town name when I moved out here 3 years ago. :)

Hugs! Juli

Sorka said...

You know I was going to say Intercourse PA.. My husband got food poisoning there and we ironically ended up at the emergency room in York,Pa because of it..
There is always No Name Colorado

and Eek Alaska!!

Have fun with the town names!!

Sue in Seattle said...

How about the following: Aces of Diamonds, Florida
Fearnot, Pennsylvania
Normal, Illinois
Assawoman, Virginia
Fifty-Six, Arkansas
Odd, West Virginia
Bald Head, Maine
Forks of Salmon, California
Ogle, Kentucky
Beetown, Wisconsin
Fort Dick, California
Okay, Oklahoma
Belcher, New York
Frankenstein, Missouri
Panic, Pennsylvania
Ben Hur, Texas
Footville, Wisconsin
Peculiar, Missouri
Big Foot, Illinois
Gaylordsville, Connecticut
Plain City, Utah
Big Sandy, Wyoming
Gay Mills, Wisconsin
Porkey, Pennsylvanania
Blueballs, Pennsylvania
Gun Barrel City, Texas Quiggleville, Pennsylvania
Boring, Maryland
Hell, Michigan
Rambo Riviera, Arkansas
Boring, Oregon
Hicksville, Ohio
River Styx, Ohio
Buddha, Indiana
Hooker, Arkansas
Roachtown, Illinois
Chestnut, Illinois
Hooker, Oklahoma
Romance, Arkansas
Chicken, Alaska
Hornytown, North Carolina
Rough and Ready, California
Chocalate Bayou, Texas
Hot Coffee, Mississippi
Sand Draw, Wyoming
Chugwater, Wyoming
Hot Water, Mississippi
Sandwich, Illinois
Climax, North Carolina Intercourse, Pennsylvania Smackover, Arkansas
Climax, Pennsylvania
It, Mississippi
Spread Eagle, Wisconsin
Climax, Saskatchewan
Jupiter, Florida
Toad Suck, Arkansas
Cold Foot, Alaska
Kill Devil Hills, North Carolina Umpire, Arkansas
Cold Water, Mississippi
King Arthur's Court, Michigan Uncertain, Texas
Cut-Off, Louisiana
Koopa, Colorado
Yazoo, Mississippi
Dickeyville, Wisconsin Lawyersville, New York
Yeehaw Junction, Florida
Ding Dong, Texas
Lollipop, Texas
Disco, Tennessee
Love Ladies, New Jersey
Dismal, Tennessee
Magazine, Arkansas
Dry Fork, Wyoming
Mars, Pennsylvania
Eclectic, Alabama
Monkey's Elbow, Kentucky
Eek, Alaska
Muck City, Alabama
Embarrass, Minnesota
No Name, Colorado
Drain OR
Wagontire, OR
Friendship, Ohio
Fossil, OR
Ship Bottom NJ
Hell Arkansas
Lizard Lick, North Carolina
Deep Gap, North Carolina
Cheesequake, New Jersey
Looneyville Texas
Weeping Mary Texas
Red Lion New Jersey
Double Trouble New Jersey
Dry Prong, Louisiana
Dime Box, Texas

Karla said...

Hey, Sue! Thanks for all those interesting names! You must have done a websearch...or have you truly heard/been to all those places? :) Those are so neat!

Anyone else got some strange town names?

Stacey said...

Ohio has a town called Gahanna, which is a version of the Hebrew word for hell. There's also a Crooksville in Ohio and a Thief River Falls in Minnesota...

The Wikipedia has a page of unusual place names - - some pretty funny stuff on there :)

Kimberly said...

There is a Hell does indeed freeze over...every year to be exact! :)

I got lost once & ended up there while on my way to band camp back in high school...kinda funny if you think about it!

Lori said...

funny that when i read the beginning about towns with funny names, i immediately thought 'Hell'.. I have been to a town called Hell, but I think it was in the caribbean somewhere (in george town?)

Essie said...

How about Hell's Gate, British Columbia; or Salmon Arm, British Columbia; or Pouce Coupe, British Columbia; or Port Moody, British Columbia; or Texas, Queensland, Australia (not sure if named by a homesick Texan or not)

Jessie said...

I have actually been to Toad Suck, AR!