Saturday, October 15, 2005

Coasters and Stitchmarkers!

Some yummy mail arrived here yesterday and today. Yesterday, coasters arrived and today, stitchmarkers!

My partner over at Crochet Talk's Coaster Exchange sent these 4 (FOUR!) coasters to me (we're only required to send 2) and also enclosed 2 tea bags so I can brew up some tasty tea and 2 packages of Lifesaver's Gummy candies. As you can see, my TJ already ate them!

Thank you so much, Dixie E. in Missouri! I love the SWIRL of those coasters! Is there an online pattern or was this a creation of your own?

Today's mail brought these gorgeous stitchmarkers from Anne W. in Florida!
Thank you so much, Anne! I love them! You were too generous! I was only expecting 4 but you sent 8! I love them all. I don't know which I'd call my favorite....I love all the blues and the greens...they remind me of the ocean. Which is where I wanted to go today. I was just telling DH "Let's go the the island!" but we can't. Then your stitchmarkers arrived and I guess they're going to be my "ocean" for today. Two of the stitchmarkers even had themed charms on them...a starfish and a sailboat! Thank you so much, Anne! Thank you for bringing the ocean to me!

I didn't realize it until just now when I was searching for Anne's blog to link to, that Anne is facing a personal medical drama! Anne, it's a wonder you had any time or strength to make all of these stitchmarkers. They mean even more to me knowing what you are going through. I suppose I don't visit Crochetville enough, or I'm not paying attention when I'm there, 'cause I didn't even know about your fight with a tumor right now! You keep fightin' girl!

To everyone else, here is the medical blog that Anne and her mother through which they are updating everyone on the situation if you're interesting in keeping up with her. Be sure to say "Hi!" while you're there!

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