Friday, October 14, 2005

Ogeechee Fair!

It has only been 3 hrs since we arrived home from the fair in a neighboring town. Oh what a blast the children had! Tonight was "Wrist Stamp" night, all the rides you want for $15 per child. So we bought one for Kelley and one for Jessie. And considering that one ride "cost" an average of 3 tickets, and $15 would only buy 20 tickets (meaning only 6 rides for $15 if we used 'tickets'), the Wrist Stamp was definitely the better deal! Oh my goodness, did the girls ride! As it got later in the evening they could actually get off a ride, go out the ride's EXIT gate, then run right back over to the ride's "ENTER" gate and go around again! My my my! Kelley did such a great job being the big sister and looking out for her little sister Jessie on the rides, waiting for her when the ride was over and leaving the ride TOGETHER! I was very proud. Jessie did so well enjoying herself and staying up with her sister, too! So so proud of her...she's growing up! We arrived with a cousin and her granddaughter who is Jessie's age (and FEARLESS!) and the three girls really had a blast riding together and riding whatever they wanted (as far as the "kiddie rides", that is) and how often they wanted. Last year we had to limit their rides because we bought tickets and we quickly ran out of tickets. So it felt so sweet to be able to just let them ride whatever they wanted and if they wanted to run back into line when they finished, they could! It was THEIR night! And what a blast they had.

The only bad part of the night was that I LEFT THE DIGITAL CAMERA AT HOME!!! Oh, how I wished I had not forgotten it. I would love to have had pictures of the moments at the fair with the three girls. Wow, what a great time they had.

TJ spent most of his time with Daddy. Tommy bought a few tickets so that he could take TJ on a Bumblebee Ride. I think that was their only ride. I think TJ was sitting next to his daddy, gripping daddy's shirt! Oh for a picture.... Last year, TJ was only 4 months old when he went to the fair. How much difference a year can make. Tommy told me later that he let TJ walk a lot and took him over to the animals being shown and TJ just loved all the animals. He also took TJ to the craft exhibit and let him walk around but had to watch TJ closely 'cause TJ wanted to stick his fingers in the chicken wire surrounding each display table. But Tommy said TJ walked and walked and walked and really had a good time. They spent 3 hrs together while Nancy and I had the girls and let them ride and ride and ride. In all, I think we were there for 4-1/2 hours! Whew!

Next year, I WILL enter items in the craft exhibits. There were a lot more crochet and knit items this year than last, afghans, baby blankets, 3 Red Hatter dolls, toddler dresses, scarves, and a few baby items. Strangely I saw LOTS of blue ribbons and very few red ones. I didn't understand why so many blue ribbons. They weren't all in different 'categories' or 'divisions'. Looking at their tags, the only difference was what the item was called. It was strange to me. But oh well. I'm sure all the makers of those items are excited to have received blue ribbons. :) Next year I shall be one of them!

Ok, I'm tired. The family is all asleep now after such a fun time. I think it's my turn.... Nighty-night!

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Jessie said...

Karla! I remember swimming in the Ogeechee river as a kid! We used to go there and shoot fireworks over the river for the 4th of July. I don't know where along the river we were, but we lived near Hephsiba (spelling?) and Augusta. Wow, that was a long time ago!
Hope you are doing well, all is well here. Baby's getting bigger and I am getting nervous about arrival date... I am so not ready....