Friday, October 21, 2005

Read Me!

How's that for a direct command. Do you feel compelled to read this? I'm running out of Titles...can you tell?

Have a few things for Show and Tell.

As a player over at Crochetville's "Winter Scarf Swap", I crocheted these two scarves for my partner. I hope that she likes them as she wanted something for "winters where it hardly ever gets below freezing". They're light and airy but long. The green one is something that I hope she will consider "fun", and the pink one is in honor of Breast Cancer Awareness. I will be mailing these today along with the remaining yarn left over from the projects...something extra for her to play around with. Hope she likes them.

And then for the "Stitch Marker Swap", I toyed with different ideas for presenting my stitch markers. I've received stitch markers in little drawstring bags nestled in a jeweler's small gift box, and I loved receiving them like that. I wanted to do something different, however. So I found out the favorite colors of my recipients and then proceeded to make Dot's Doohickey in each of those favorite colors. I completed one (the rose colored one), and need to stitch the other two into their spiral shape. But I wanted to go ahead and get a picture to share so I can mail them today, also. I think they make great stitch marker holders! And of course, you can stick your crochet hooks in it, small scissors, and even use it as a pincushion if you don't push those pins in too far! Hope they're received well. I loved making them.

I received two more postcards through Postcrossing yesterday. But I'll wait until later today to grab their likenesses in a photo...taking the picture in daylight on the macro setting gives me such a crisper picture. So stay tuned!


Tina said...

Hey Karla! I like the scarves! Must be that time of year to make scarves, I just finished one myself...
Hope you are feeling better. We all get down from time to time, I think.

Juli said...

Very cute dohickeys and scarves! I'm sure your swap partners will love them!