Sunday, November 27, 2005

4 Years Old and Wanting To Crochet!

My 4-year old daughter Jessica has been asking me for about a week now to teach her how to crochet. "Oh my!" I silently dread. I hardly had the patience to get Kelley started and now I have to do it all over again? But when she came to me yesterday asking me to show her how to "put the yarn in my fingers" I decided I'd go slow and not expect much. Boy, she blew me away, though! After two or three times of showing her how to hold it, she comes to me and asks me "is this how to do it?" as she begins the wrapping process herself! Wow! I'm impressed at her self-motivation and the fact that she's not getting impatient with the process. After wrapping the yarn around her fingers, I show her how to make a chain stitch, again not expecting to get too far in this first lesson. But again, she sat down and was intently working at hooking the yarn, and turning her hook so that she could pull it through her beginning loop. And before I knew it she was sqealing "Look, Mommy! I did it!" And sure enough she had pulled a chain through all by herself! Then after a little more work she did another. She was pulling her chains closed after making them, but hey, every little achievement is a beginning! I'm most proud of her attitude and her willingness to receive instruction and not complain...unlike her older sister. (gasp! Kelley will probably read that!)

I wish I had thought to take a picture of her learning to crochet. Maybe I'll snap a quick one next time she picks up that hook and yarn...

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Sedie said...

Isn't that the cutest! I can visualize a 4-year old crocheting and it is so cute. Hope she continues to blow you away!