Saturday, December 17, 2005

I think I broke my toe...but still crocheting!

(Not that I crochet with my feet!) But I broke my toe, I think. I stubbed it on the vacuum cleaner which I had just set in front of my bedroom door. I deserved it, I guess. When I placed it in front of the door, I remember thinking to myself "Put it where it goes. Don't set it here." Lazy me. After having set it down and leaving the room, I returned a few moments later to my room, slamming my left foot into the vacuum cleaner. Oh my goodness! I screamed out loud with my mouth closed lest any of the flowery words I was thinking should come out of my mouth in my pain. Oh, how it hurt! I've stubbed my toe before, and my pinky toe at that, so I wasn't too concerned it was serious. But after it was still throbbing 10 minutes later, I knew I probably broke it. This bruising may indicate as much.

But there's nothing a doctor can do with a broken little toe, so I will just bear it.

I haven't been doing much crocheting (probably out of depression for our financial situation right now), but I have managed to get two scarves completed.

Well almost completed. The pink one is for my sister-in-law but I want to add a big flower at the end of the scarf the same pink as the yarn of the scarf. Well, maybe I'll do a different yarn to contrast it a bit. Maybe a hot pink...

The other scarf is the wool one I previously mentioned. Thank you all for your comments on how to make the scratchy wool less scratchy. I haven't tried the conditioner yet but will give it a go as I have some conditioner here. I assume I just apply conditioner and rinse with cold water? Hot water will felt it won't it? Any details you woolies want to share?

Also here is a drawstring purse I made for my Crochetville Purse/Tote Swap partner. I hope she likes pink. I put some knitting notecards and stickers inside the purse with a little note. It was a fun swap, but I was mortified at being late in getting mine out (due to no cash for postage). But I was determined to mail this puffy today, so I dipped into my stamp collection and put some stamps on it after weighing it with a small outdated stamp scale I have. The scale is still functional as far as determining how many ounces a package weighs. I just can't use the postage costs it indicates because it was during the time our 1st Class postage was 32 cents. But knowing how much it weighs, I can determine the current postage on my own. So I'm getting my Purse/Tote Swap package out today and my Scrunchy Swap package by weighing it myself and using stamps from my collection to mail them. Now to get my two yarn swap packages out!

I appreciate all of you who have sent prayers for our situation or even just thought of me and my family with sympathy as we go through this financial crisis. I know that life is just an up-and-down journey and right now we're in the "down" part. It will change and we will be on the "up" side soon enough, I'm sure. I'm thankful for friends who help carry us through with their thoughts and prayers. And one of you sent a Walmart gift card which I received earlier this month but seem to want to remain anonymous. Thank you, whoever you are.

Now back to the yarn...I haven't crocheted in a few days so I need to pick it up again. I know it will make me feel better. Going to crochet a flower to add to the scarf. I'll try to remember to take a picture of the final result.

Ciao for now!


kelley said...

i heard her scream and she permatly bent a bone in her toe i can,t move it

Stacey said...

Ouch! I hope you start feeling better soon! If you put some gauze between the broken toe and the next one over and wrap tape around them both, it might make it feel better...

Wendy said...

I broke one of my toes a few years ago, while pregnant...rammed it into a wall (how stupid!) I agree there probably isn't much a doctor could do, beside prescribe you pain meds. I would suggest buying Arnica Gel, it is a homeopathic gel that you rub on bruised areas and it really, really helps with bruising and swelling, especially in joints.

ps...are you sure you weren't mentally trying to get out of any exercise? ;)