Monday, January 30, 2006

Check Out These Hand-crocheted Cloches!

Yesterday, while searching for "mannequin" on eBay, this Seller's items came up. She's not selling mannequins though! I suppose because she had her wares displayed on a mannequin head, her items came up in my search results. But I'm so glad I discovered her!

If you remember one of last week's post, I discovered another Seller on eBay selling her crocheted cloches. So I think it's ironic that I discovered another one selling cloches when I wasn't even looking for them. Also, the other Seller's name was Bertie. This one is Roberta! What's that about? Well, I didn't purchase that cute cloche from Bertie. Sure her hats were worth the $28 she priced them at, but I didn't want to spend it. And yes, I hear some of you thinking that you wouldn't buy someone else's handmade item because you can make it, or something similar, yourselves. And I agree. Actually, I did tend to have that mindset viewing Bertie's cloches last week. However, sometimes you just HAVE to support your fellow craftswomen, and I've done that before.

Well, yesterday, after seeing Roberta's cloches, I had to purchase one of them. I saw this cloche and it spoke to me... I loved the berry color and especially the big beautifully made flower adorning it. Thankfully, she had a "Buy It Now" option on this one (the others did not). And to make this long story short, it should be delivered to my doorstep this week! Yippee! Ironically, she said she had just made that cloche yesterday morning and the listing wasn't even two hours old on eBay when I bought it! So maybe it was meant for me. I'd like to think so. It's beautiful!

I also bought this from her! Isn't it lovely?

Well, I see that she only has one hat left to sell. Check it out! Maybe it has YOUR name on it! Only 4 hrs left! Of course, you could always do a Search on eBay for this Seller's other items. Maybe they didn't sell and she'd relist them for you. Here, I did the search for you. Here are her past auctions.

I hope you consider supporting her, too! She has some beautiful items.

Hey, any of my readers sell their creations, either in real-life stores (vs online stores), consignment shops, craft shows, or an online store? Leave the URL in the comment section of this post if you have an online store! Or maybe you have a favorite Seller of handmade items you'd like to give a Shout Out about. Tell us! Let us support craftswomen and craftsmen, too!

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Heather said...

I just thought I would add another Ebay seller that makes pretty hats. She has an ebay store called "The Hand Crochet Hat by Lori Leigh". They are great hats and I plan to buy one. The one I had been planning to buy was sold during the time our computer crashed!