Friday, January 13, 2006

Crochet Talk's "Coaster Exchange" and Library Books

Here is a picture of the goodies that Anna sent to me for the Crochet Talk Coaster Exchange.
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She sent two coasters in the colors of my living room, burgandy and hunter green, and then she sent this cute can cozie! If I drink a Coke, I usually pour it out of the can into a glass. But my glass fits really nicely in this cozie, too! What a cute idea! Thank you again, Anna!

Also, I have been putting books on hold through Interlibrary Loan, and I checked these out today!
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I like to check out the books and look through them, and then determine if I enjoy them or would use them enough to purchase my own copy. Now the scarf and bag books (by Candi Jensen) are cute, but I don't think there are enough patterns that I would make out of these books to warrant them taking up space on my bookshelf. I really do like the fact that they're shaped books though, not normal rectangle books. That is a unique feature. The Crocheted Socks book I was sure I would enjoy and I do! I will have to buy this book and put it in my personal library. Now the Crochet for Barbie book, I thought might be a good book. Well, it is! So good in fact that I immediately went online this afternoon and bought it with the $50 Joann's card my mom sent me for Christmas. With the 50% off any one item code I received in an email, I got the book for a little under $9! Believe me, it's worth it! If the other book in the series"Knitting for Barbie" is this good, I just might have to buy it, too! If you can, you'll have to check this book out at your library or through Interlibrary Loan and see what I mean. Great book!

That's all for now!

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Tina said...

Hi Karla-
I do have the knitting for Barbie book, and to tell you the truth, I wish I had the crochet one. I don't think I've even knitted one thing out of it. Now, the socks book, I have almost bought about three or four times. But, I hardly ever crochet socks. Slippers, maybe. Just my two cents. ;p