Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Thank You's and FO's!

Yesterday's mail brought a wonderful pick-me-up from Stephanie (Knit Lich)! She must have read my blog because she sent me two things I mentioned that I'd like to have. I mentioned that I needed a calendar, and Steph sent this beautiful Country Bouquets calendar to replace last year's "Roses". She also sent this! Isn't she the sweetest? Looksey!

RAOK from Stephanie

I loved the notecard, too. Thank you again, Stephanie! It was a wonderful surprise.

I also received a little box from Karen. She read of my hat fiasco (gauge, gauge, gauge!) and offered me two skeins of the same RH Light and Lofty if I cared for it. Not one to turn down free yarn, and especially yarn this color (love it!), I accepted it. And it came yesterday! It's so soft and .... red! Thank you so much, Karen! I really love it!

Yarn from Karen!

As far as projects I've been working on, yesterday was Snowflake Monday. Around 11 pm, I started a snowflake! You can get the free pattern here. (7th pattern down, and mine is crocheted through Round 2 only) It's finished, though not blocked yet. I'm thinking I might want to wait until I have a few more finished and block several at once. Here it is unblocked, however.

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

Do you see the boo-boo? Actually, there are a few...The pattern was a little difficult for me to follow. Well, no snowflake is perfect, is it? So mine's just right ... imperfect! :) I hope it passes Julie's inspection, though. We all know that she's the Queen of Snowflakes (and doilies!) hee hee!

Oh and here is another of my projects completed that I don't think I mentioned yet. Hats!

Jessica and

I crocheted this hat for the Hat Swap over at Crochetville (I wonder if my partner reads my blog...if you do, let me know what you think!) but Jessica took it and declared it hers, and then told me to make another one in PURPLE for her! I really like the pattern. I added a few rows and also changed the last rows. I suppose I'll have to make another one now for my partner.

I also made this plain white one for my Hat Swap partner. It was abducted by my oldest daughter. Items don't get far in my house, do they? I was going to crochet a flower to pin on the side of this one.

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

They really whip up fast, so I'm sure it won't take any time to crochet a couple more. I actually love to see my girls enjoying something I made.

And I leave you with a final pic. In case you mothers haven't figured it out yet...children do NOT need toys! Just let them play in the pantry with the boxes and the jars! Here are Jessica and TJ, spending quite awhile playing in the pantry, taking the jars and boxes out and then putting them back. And then out again. And back again.

TJ and Jessie


Sorka said...

Oooh I wish I could just whip up a hat or two like that!
Super cute!
Ah well. What? they don't need toys? oh dear.. could you tell my birth Mother that?hgehhe The kids got 25$ gift certificates to Toys r us! oi!
At least I only got them each a small toy for Christmas and the rest was clothes!

Stephknits3 said...


So glad you liked your goodies! I LOVE it when my kidlings play with stuff other than toys.

Your hats are lovely!

Sedie said...

The hats are absolutely adorable. How long did it take you to make them? I'll have to keep the pantry thing in mind when we have little ones . . . ;)

Tina said...

I like your hats.
It is absolutely true, kids would rather play with things in the pantry (or, pots and pans, or measuring cups and spoons...) I have a collection of empty boxes for 'store' to keep the three year old entertained whilst we homeschool. Works pretty good! (Well, it did today... And, I have more 'tricks' up my sleeve for tomorrow...) ;p

Oh and can you come to my house to help me make my blog look like yours!? It's so cool!!

julie said...

Karla I think the flake is lovely! Great job, and I'm going to have to try that one myself. :o)

Katie said...

cute hats, and i love the snowflake too! about the red heart--lol, cheap acrylic gets such a bad rap but really theres nothing wrong with it. and i agree that light and lofty comes in such good colors. i love it!

Lynn / vigilant20 said...

Such beautiful hats!

Vik said...

You had a very nice Saturday Karla!