Monday, January 2, 2006

Snowflake Monday

Today is Snowflake Monday and I actually did complete a Image hosted by! However, it turned out 10" wide!!! Yes, you read that right...10 inches wide! Image hosted by The pattern is here along with 3 other snowflake patterns. I made Snowflake #1, and I just grabbed some white thread and a "0" steel hook and crocheted away. Reading back over the instructions on the front page of the article, not the page I printed out, it calls for #20 thread and a 1.0 mm hook. And if you want it smaller, they suggest size 80 thread and a .75 hook! I like the snowflake pattern so I'm going to make another one but go down several hook sizes with this same thread. Then I might try one with sewing thread.

This 10" snowflake is blocking right now, but I'll post a picture as soon as it's dry. Meanwhile, I'll be thinking about what I'm going to DO with a 10" snowflake....Image hosted by

Did anyone else crochet a snowflake today? Leave a comment so readers can visit your blog and look at your snowflake(s)! I know I want to see some more snowflakes!

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Anonymous said...

Hi Karla:

I was just giving some thought about what to do with a 10" snowflake....LOL
What about getting one of those hook-type things that stick to your window and using it as a window decoration (similar to a dream-catcher, I guess)