Thursday, June 22, 2006


Besides being a lover of yarn and fibers, I love PAPER! Which probably influences my tendencies towards being a pack rat! I'm sure my husband wonders why I keep that little scrap of paper that sure looks like trash to him. Or that envelope, also that looks like it was supposed to be thrown away. Or the tissue paper that was used to line a gift bag or wrap a gift...not trash, honey! Seriously though, I do realize one should have a means of ORGANIZING all this paper if one's going to keep it. But this one is not strong in the organizational department at the moment. I used to be. During BC time. "Before Children"! Having children is really a time when one needs to be organizational, but just doesn't happen.

Anyway, my reason for posting about my love of paper, which is a probably a new side of me many of you didn't know about (I love collecting postcards and stamps, too! See! PAPER!), is that I joined some swaps over at SWAP-BOT that are "paper"-themed. I joined a "Card" swap where one exchanges greeting cards, and two sticker swaps, one for single sticker "left-overs" and one for whole sticker sheets. I figure that in these swaps I can fulfill with my own stash (no money spent, and I have a good stash 'cause in case you didn't know it, I love paper anything!) and for minimal postage (already have the stamps! Paper!) So I sorta get my Swap fix and yet not spend any money at the same time! Cool thinkin' huh?

Actually, I do want to take a break from the swaps I've been joining over at Crochetville. They've been fun, but I truly need a break from the month - 3 month long obligations. I need to finish the Toy Swap I'm behind on and then the Kitchen/Bath Swap that's due to my partner's by the end of the month. Then I believe all that's left is the Accessories Swap and this Summer Secret Pal Swap, which ends at the end of July. It'll be nice to switch gears and go from thought consuming yarn swaps to quick mindless paper swaps. Not that my paper swaps aren't going to be great! But they'll be a "no brainer" for me and a no sweat project because I have all the stuff to trade already.

I was visiting a fellow Crochetville buddy's blog tonight, Lynn S. (aka "Vigilant20" at C'ville) and really enjoyed seeing pictures of all the handmade rubberstamped cards she has created. She's very talented in that area! (Actually, after looking over her blog again, I think the cards might be created by her mom, Bonnie..they're still gorgous!) I'd love to make cards and hers have really inspired me to perhaps put the yarn aside and pull out the paper. Oh, don't worry! The yarn won't be far away! I'll probably even use it and crocheted/knitted pieces to embellish my cards! But I think I'd really like to switch gears for a month or two...any encouraging words anybody? Got any great sites to get me started in that direction? Let me know!


Katie said...

I could not find your e-mail so I thought I would tell you about All you have to do to join a swap is sign up for a free account and then choose the swaps that you would like to join. I did not get you e-mail until this morning. I will set up another stitch marker swap in a couple of weeks.

Lucy said...

I'm only in like three swaps but I still can never remember what they are....I'll probably get kicked out one of these days for not responding.

Lynn / vigilant20 said...

Those are made by my mom :) That confuses everyone...hehe. I wish I was creative enough to do artistic things like she does. I'm more of a handicrafts person who needs simple materials and a pattern.