Thursday, June 22, 2006


Judge William Young had some powerful words to say to Richard Reid, the muslim who confessed of his plan to blow up a jetliner with explosives he had hidden in his shoes. It was a beautiful and firm explanation to this terrorist that Freedom is what this terrorist and all others like him seem to hate. Now I won't get into politics and religion beyond just saying that I do feel that all Americans, and others who believe in Freedom, should read the words that this Judge uttered in his courtroom. Because they are true and patriotic (not just for Americans but any country), and an encouragement to Americans that in the wake of some of the outrageous words handed down by some certain judges in this country, we DO have some sane judges in this country. We don't seem to hear about those judges, however, so I, for one, want to give publicity to this particular judge's words. You can read the transcript here at

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