Sunday, June 4, 2006


My baby will be turning 2 on Thursday, June 8th! Where has the time gone?

Remember when he was only 3 months old?

I do. I remember when he was just a helpless little baby in my arms, needing everything done for him, hardly speaking a word, and just sweet as can be. Now he wants to do things on his own, is learning to speak more clearly, and is showing us a mischievous streak that makes me cringe. I've heard boys were different than girls, and lately he is showing me just how different he is from my two girls. I tell him to stay back off the linoleum kitchen floor as I'm mopping it. So he stands on the carpet, right on the edge, giving me THAT look, and a grin on his face and I can literally read his mind through his eyes! The little one is THINKING about defying me...ON PURPOSE! I'll tell him to climb up in his bed, and he'll run to the edge of it, grab onto the mattress, and stand there looking back at me as he does NOT climb into bed. Only when I start walking towards him purposely does he squeal with mischievous delight and scamper up into the bed! Some of his antics make his daddy and I chuckle, though we hide the amusement until we're out of the room. Oh my goodness, if he knew what he was doing was making us laugh, he'd really turn on the mischief!

But oh, what a delight he still is as we watch him grow and become. We love to see his personality emerge. We look forward to seeing what new thing he brings forth each day.

And here he is turning 2 very soon. What a bittersweet joy.


Helen said...

He is getting so big! Wow!

Yes, boys are different than girls (but I've only been told that). ;-)

Lucy said...

Then you blink and they are turning 19 as mine is in a few weeks!!! Enjoy every moment! PS love that little bear afghan!

Thia said...

Happy early birthday wishes to your boy,
Karla! My son shares the same birthdate, only he is turning 19.

Tina said...

Aaaaww... :( My little guy was just turning two just the other day! (Not really, he's almost four now...) They grow up too fast. I told him I was going to stop feeding him so he wouldn't grow any more. (He just laughed.) ;)

Jennifer said...

happy bday to ur little boy. my neice is turning two on the same day :)

Netter said...

They really grow up to fast. Whenever I visit my friends, I remind their children that we had a deal...they were supposed to stop growing so fast becuase I miss out on it. They just laugh and say, "Oh yeah, Auntie Nett, I forgot about that." I have become that old lady that always says, "I remember you when you were this big." Shoot me now! lol. Enjoy your little one, they really do grow up to fast.