Thursday, June 8, 2006


Well, the title really means this is the 2nd post of "My Baby", but it is appropriate to read it as "my baby is 2", also. TJ is two years old today. And it may pass pretty uneventful. Hopefully, we won't let it be as depressing a day as his mommy feels, though. We have nothing to give him a "party" with. I haven't even made him a cake or gotten him a card. I'll find or make him a card today. And our cousin was so sweet earlier this week to offer to make him a cake (she makes cakes) and have a little gathering at her home today and she'd invite her grandson, too, who is 3 months older than TJ. They play well together so that sounds like a plan. So that's our plans for his birthday.

Tommy's Social Security attorney dropped his case last week much to our surprise. The attorney said, or rather his secretary said, "he didn't think he could win the case". This was out of character for him as much as we know him. He had just submitted an appeal, for goodness sake. He was all gung-ho about it and gave Tommy the impression he could win it. Considering all that Tommy is going through physically/mentally, it seemed apparent. And NOW he decides to drop it???

Then yesterday the bank called and Tommy went to meet with them. We're 34 days past due on the house note, and they're wanting a payment. It seemed out of character for them to be pushing for a payment when they've been working with us through this financial setback. We've somehow kept them paid through these past 8 months, though often late. And suddenly they're getting tighter about the time?

Tommy's called the Ford dealership to see about selling our car to them. Then he made a call to check into selling our house! Our home is modest, 2 bedrooms/1 bath and sure we'd get maybe $40 to $50 thousand for it, but after paying the $18,000 bank loan, where would we move on the remaining $32,000 (assuming we got $50,000)? He was talking about moving into government housing. I'm thinking ... we still have to pay to live THERE!

So yesterday was not a good day, nor really today, waking up to all these thoughts about "what's going to happen", "are we going to lose our home"? Sure, I'd do what we have to do. But doesn't mean I have to WANT to. I don't want to lose this house. We owe so little for it. It seems uncharacteristic for the bank, who's been working with us these past 6 months to suddenly become ... unfriendly?...towards us. Sure they have business to conduct, but it's a small town, everyone knows everyone, and we've been paying the house note. We just are having more difficulties this past month. It all just seems strange these two occurrances happening that seem uncharacteristic of the people involved.

We got news this week also, that the officers who had recently been indicted (part of the mess with Tommy's whistle-blowing) were all offered a plea bargain (???)/let go because the indictments weren't handled properly by the district attorney! Believe me, you should read between the lines...this is all POLITICS! There was even talk going on before this that various officers were told if they remained loyal to the Department, the Department would take care of them. I wish you all could hear of all the scheming and politicking going on, that has been going on, since Tommy first spoke up about this inhumanity and violence at the prison. Every week we hear something new, some injustice, officers being let off, those who should know better not following proper procedure, people just playing games 'cause they can get away with it. It's sickening. And here Tommy is having doors slammed in his face from any State agency that he goes to for assistance. Yeah, there's politicking going on alright.

But still, I'd go through this again with him. No matter how he's mistreated and thwarted, HE did the right thing!

This will pass.

Just remind me of that...



Jaye said...

Karla, I'm keeping your family in my thoughts and prayers. Somehow things will work themselves out, they always do, you know? Although being caught up in the moment and being reminded, "this too shall pass," often times doesn't feel all that helpful, but you're will. Have faith, stay strong.

Helen said...

You and Tommy and the kids are in my prayers. I wish I could help you out in some way.

Even if it is just sending good thoughts, know they are directed to you. :)