Sunday, July 16, 2006


I love postcards, stamps, stickers, and all sorts of paper! In my own collection of paper, I have various cardstock and scrapbooking papers. I'd like to have Origami papers one day. And of course, I have my stamp collections and postcard collections. But look what "papers" made their way to my home in the past few days!

Fiber PC from LorraineFrom the FiberPC group, Lorraine sent to me my very first "Fiber Postcard"! Isn't this sweet? There's fabric, ribbon and lace stitched onto the top. The postcard is on the back, and some batting is sandwiched in between the two. She stitched this very pretty wavy stitch around the edge. Very interesting! Love those green colors...

This postcard came to me from my friend Katie. Now Katie and I haven't met IRL yet, but as we both live in Georgia, and she lives close to my parents' town, I'm sure we will meet up one day and soon! Katie says that she knows how much I like postcards so she decided to make one for me! Isn't that sweet of her? I had to ask if she was on the FiberPC group because this is a oval shaped fabric she stitched onto the postcard, just like the FiberPC groupies do! Thank you, Katie. This was a very sweet gesture, and I loved seeing it in my mail.

This postcard is from Maria in Finland. She sent this to me through Postcrossing. She said she really tried to find a dragonfly postcard as she has read that I like dragonflies. But since she couldn't find one, she sent this Helene Schjerfbeck postcard instead. I think she chose very well. This is a precious image.

Heather sent me these two Florida postcards to fulfill Swap-bot's "Postcard Addicts" assignment. I loved them!

This postcard was also a fulfillment of a Swap-bot assignment. Ashley sent this for the "Wise Words Postcard Swap". On the reverse she printed these words by Ralph Waldo Emerson: "Cards were at first for benefits designed, sent to amuse, not to enslave the mind." Like her, I think it's a perfect quote describing our love of POSTcards even though Mr. Emerson was mostly likely referring to card games.

This was the cute letter I received from Amanda in Brazil for the "A Letter For Me?" swap at Swap-bot. Amanda is 18 years old and her letter charmed me. The way she wrote, her thoughts and dreams, they reminded me of myself when I was that age 20 years ago! I loved the pink stationary with the cute girly illustration, too. She makes me feel 18 again! Thank you again, Amanda.

These stickers were in fulfillment of a 5 Sticker Sheet swap over at Swap-bot and were from Courtney C.

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting And finally, these are the envelopes I made in which to ship my crocheted bookmarks to my partners at the Crochetville Bookmark Swap. Whew...was that a run-on sentence? These were made with the same concept I've been using lately in cutting pictures out of unwanted magazines I have laying around here, glueing them to a cardstock envelope which I cut from a template, then folding them to create the envelope. I then put my return address label and the addressee's mailing label on the envelope. Now to take them to the post office and be sure they can be mailed in such an envelope. If so, then I'll add the postage stamps. I wouldn't want to add the stamps then discover they can't be mailed as they are!

Now have you ever enjoyed seeing so much paper in one place? You can understand why I'm addicted to the paper-related swaps over at Swap-bot, can't you? It's just FUN IN THE MAIL! All these cute little items, whether a handwritten letter from across the world, an envelope full of stickers, or a postcard with a beautiful image. And the colorful and interesting stamps from around the world that are affixed to this mail! Yes, I'm hooked on these paper swaps. The fact that they don't require much money, only a stamp or two, is a big plus factor!

Now that you're sufficiently jealous of all my little goodies in the mail, go join Swap-bot and get swappin' yourself!

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Tina said...

Karla, I love the bookmark envelopes! Those are so neat. I have printed out the coin envelope template and made a few of those, now to find something and someone to send them to! :) (I have nieces and nephews...) I, too, love paper. Though not as much as you, I think. I have a 'Papercrafts' book that has lots of neat projects in it, if you like paper. Written by Gillian Sueter ? (not sure on the spelling.) You might be able to find it in your local library though...
Thanks for sharing all your stuff with us, it gives me so many cool ideas!! :)