Tuesday, August 1, 2006


Back in April, when I first joined the monthly Project Color Swap, I posted the following questionaire and answers. Well, here it is again for my August partner and anyone else who just wants to know!

To my August Colorswap partner, Nicole, here are my answers to the Project Color Swap (not to be confused with the Favorite Color Swap) questionaire:

Are you crafty? I am crafty if it has anything to do with yarn, thread, hooks, needles, embellishments of any kind, and beads!

Would you enjoy things like: Buttons, ribbons and embellishments?

Do you dye your own wool? I have not tried dying - can you believe it?

Do you like to scrapbook or make homemade cards? Yes, I do! I love paper crafts!

What are your favorite scents? Peony, roses, most flowers, vanilla, apple/cinnamon...

Do you like stationary and cards? Yes! I love to keep in touch with people and write the old-fashioned way...pen and pretty paper.

Do you like to sew or embroider items? Yes. Anything "thread" and "needle", whether it's sewing thread, crochet thread, or knitting yarn!

Do you like beads? Yes! Beads, charms, anything like that!

What kind of candy do you like? Oh my goodness...CHOCOLATE anything! I also like Lifesavers and Peppermint candies.

Do you like hand lotions or soaps? Oh yes, lotions and soaps to make a woman feel and smell lovely.

Do you like to wear costume jewelry? Necklace, earrings, bracelets etc. Not really, but I wouldn't mind a simple necklace (like a chain with a single charm) or simple bracelet. I love the "pearl" look, or flowers, or hearts.

Do you like to make/or use stitch markers? Yes! This is the first year that I've made some and I really enjoyed making them and, of course, receiving them!

Do you collect anything? Besides dust bunnies? I do collect postage stamps (especially "flowers", "LOVE", and hearts, US or anywhere in the world, new or used); postcards (especially of maps, calendars, waterfalls, rainbows, and flowers); stationary; yarn (hee hee); and crochet & knitting patterns (hee hee again). Oh and anything "sheep", "ladybug", "dragonfly", or "green frog" related.

Do you have any allergies?: Smoke, food, fiber, pets, etc. No allergies, though if at all possible, smoke-free items make me happiest.

Do you have any hobbies? LOL! Do the above answers answer this question already? LOL! My hobbies are yarn, yarn and more yarn! Anything crochet and knit related, beading, scrapbooking and other paper crafts, collecting stamps, postcards and stationary, genealogy, reading...

Do you like scented or unscented candles? Either.

Are you a fiber snob?
No! I enjoy all types of fibers.

Do you like to play cards or board games? Yes, I do like to play card games and board games. In fact I need to purchase some good games and play them with my children more often! We really like to put together puzzles!

Do you like neon colors, pastel, light or medium ranges in the color of the month? Hmmm...since the colors of the month are "neutral", I like all sorts of "neutral" colors! ha ha!

Do you like kitchen magnets or key rings?
Yes to both. Was that an "either/or" question?...

Do you like picture frames? Yes!

Ok, I hope that gave you PLENTY of ideas, Nicole! Anything to make it easy and fun! Can't wait to see your answers to the questionaire, too!

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