Thursday, April 5, 2007


Just a quick post...

Tommy and I heard yesterday that our elderly friend D died in the nursing home. We are saddened by this news. Some of my readers will remember that Tommy helped take care of D weeks ago. They were old friends. We thought he was getting better. We'll attend the funeral in a few days.

I went on a Women's Retreat up in Cohutta Springs (Georgia) this past weekend (Friday through Sunday). It was very much needed. I feel I have been so overwhelmed with life in general, and I needed a break. My blog has suffered because I haven't been able to post everyday or as often as I used to, and when I do post it's just been as a courtesy to acknowledge some swappers and let them know I got their packages. Yes, I've been emailing them personally, but we love to see our swaps bragged about on our recipient's blog, right? So I bragged. It's about all I could find the time to do, just thanking swap partners and praising their packages on my blog.

Speaking of which, I got an interesting email from someone who I didn't even know beyond her being a hostess for one of the swaps I am in. She told me that she wasn't trying to tell me what to write but perhaps my spoiler might like to see a post every so often about me and not just stuff I get.... Yes, I can see her point, but I disagree with her. I, for one, like to hear about what people receive, with pictures, posted on their blogs. I also know most bloggers have Archives for which I can read even more of their blog, their swaps, their projects, their vacations, "them", etc. I also know that I have a questionaire specifically posted on my blog for the swap being referred to for my spoiler to learn about me.

This email made me feel like I got a slap on the hand! I felt like I was in "grade school" again being "graded" on my writing. Excuse me, but THIS IS MY BLOG! I write for others, sure, but this blog is for ME! I have been in several of these particular swaps over the past year (3 separate ones, to be exact, that lasted 3 months a piece) and I have never received such a ... a ... I don't even know what to call this email! My husband was every bit as surprised as I was to read the email. Whereas my mouth dropped open in response to reading it, he laughed! He laughed with the suggestion that maybe I didn't need the hassle of this swap. What a not-so-nice thing to read after coming home from a Women's Retreat, a retreat that helped rejuvenate me, put things in perspective, and gave me a better sense overall.

After some thinking about it, and realizing I had to email the hostess to get my partner's address which she should have sent to me weeks ago in the initial email she sent, I decided this round of the swapping did not have the right "feel" as the previous 3 rounds, and having learned to trust my intuition, (remind me to tell you how my intuition kicked in this weekend while in Atlanta...) I pulled out of this swap. I've never pulled out of a swap before. However, I haven't sent anything beyond e-cards yet for this swap, nor received anything beyond an e-card, so it was a clean break. And I feel better about having ended it. I'll miss the swap, but there was just something about it that was so different this round than the previous 3 rounds over the last year. It wasn't up to par in many ways.

Anyway, end of story. I promise I won't tell you what to post on your blog if you don't tell me what to post on mine. Deal?

Ironically, I still feel too "chastised" to post about a dishcloth and stitch marker package I received from Toni while I was away this weekend. Can you believe that I still feel that way??? I just opened Toni's package Tuesday night. I'll post a pic later... Thank you, Toni!


Lucy said...

I personally love reading blogs because they ARE all so different....some talk about their pets, some about their projects, others link me to other blogs I haven't read, etc.... Wow...I agree with you...that was rude!!!! Keep doin what you're doin...I'll keep reading no matter what!!!

Baycolonyfarm said...

I'm glad you went with your heart and pulled out of the swap. The fact that the "hostess" (what a contray name for this woman!) felt like she had to tell you what to write, well, like you said; This is YOUR blog. :)

Take care!