Friday, March 30, 2007


MARCH Colorswap

It appears that I'm so behind I haven't even noted my Colorswap packages from February and March. Worse yet, I obviously never even ACKNOWLEDGED my March Color Swap package from Briana!

Briana, my heartfelt apologies once again! Though it's been crazy here, and I'm behind on everything so much so that I haven't kept up my blog or posting, there's no excuse for me not dropping an email to at least say "Thank you!" and "It arrived!" I'm really sorry for my neglect in doing that.

{UPDATE: I have been redeemed! I actually DID send a long "thank you" email to Briana on March 10th! Considering it went to a Yahoo email account, and I've been hearing that account holders have had difficulties getting all their emails, I suppose my email to Briana was delivered to SPAM, or just got lost in the great void of internet space. I feel so much better, and relieved, knowing that I HAD written a 'thank you' after all.}

It DID arrive a few weeks ago and I loved everything!

March's GREEN Colorswap Package from Briana!

Look how very creative she was to send seeds for a "green" thumb, and "green" tea, and of course the obviously "green" items like ribbon, a very cool sequin purse applique, the awesome Knitpicks Green Wool, a green crochet hook and the little fabric pin holder holding 3 pins with GREEN heads! I did notice the cute touch of the green shamrocks stickers affixed to the outside of the package, too. Briana definitely put a lot of thought into this package and had clever ideas, thinking "outside of the box".

If it's ok to have a favorite, I think the little ball of Royal Bamboo yarn is my favorite item. I have wanted to try some bamboo yarn and the ocean colors of this ball of yarn are so soothing to look at and the yarn is so soft to the touch. MMmmmm...beautiful yarn. So beautiful that I don't want to use it because then it will be gone! I know there are other yarnsters out there that do this, too, so don't act like you don't know what I'm talking about!

This was a great March Colorswap package. Thank you, Briana!

FEBRUARY Colorswap

February's Colorswap WAS acknowledged but I never shared a picture with my readers. And since I know that we all love pictures, I give you this.

February Colorswap Package from Chris

Chris sent a lovely "chocolate"-themed package. Although it was "chocolate"-themed due to Valentine's Day being in February and the thought for the color came from Valentine's candy that is handed out during the holiday, any shade of brown was perfectly suitable. Christ sent a big ball of wool, a huge skein of mohair, and a so-soft ball of suede, enough yarn to actually make something with, she said. And though the theme was browns, she said that she couldn't help to throw in a pink ball of yarn for the reds and pinks of Valentine's Day and also because this was my favorite color - fuschia! It is a very interesting ball of yarn and I love it! And of course she couldn't forget to send REAL chocolate and she sent some heavenly Lindt chocolate truffles in both milk chocolate and dark chocolate! Of course, it's all gone now. She also sent some tea, some Burt's Bees hand salve, and a cute little magnet. And oh, let's not forget the adorable handmade card! I love handmade cards and this was no exception.

Thank you again, Chris, for the wonderful Colorswap package you sent to me in February!

JANUARY Colorswap

And since we're on the subject of Colorswaps, I'll go ahead and show again what was sent to me for the January Colorswap (Metalics!) from my partner Natalie.

January Colorswap package from Natalie!

Such a chocolatey-brown drawstring bag full of candy

Adorable little pink and lavender drawstring pouch full of potpourri and a pink and purple wristband

Candy, stickers and even a Birthday card from Natalie for the January Colorswap

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Briana said...

Karla, I just though I might've sent you something you didn't like or something. I am just happy that eveything came through ok. You sent me a letter! Dang them spam blockers! Let me know how the bamboo yarn goes. I was thinking about getting some too! It feels divine.- Briana