Sunday, February 6, 2011


Bookmark for the CLBMX November 2010

Here are photos of the bookmark I made for November's CLBMX. For that month we were to send a bookmark and a little something extra. I chose to make a bookmark similar to one that I had made a previous year for this same exchange. It's a hat and mittens bookmark!

The pattern for the miniature hat and mittens is online here.  After crocheting each individual piece, I created a crocheted band, affixing the hat on one end and the mitten set on the other.

Christmas in July 2005

Some of my readers might remember the first one of these bookmarks I created.  I loved adding the snowflakes!  They were crocheted with sewing thread which is how I managed for them to come out small enough to use in a bookmark.  I gave this in a "Christmas in July" exchange back in July 2005...I can't believe that was almost 6 years ago!  It seems like yesterday!

Ornament for the CLBMX November 2010 Exchange

For the "little surprise" part of November's CLBMX, I crocheted another set of the hat and mittens and assembled it into an ornament!  Cool, huh?

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