Sunday, February 6, 2011


Karla's 43!
A couple of weeks ago, my 43rd Birthday arrived.  43.  43!!!  When did I get to be 43?  I don't feel like 43.  I feel more like ... 23!  But at 23, I had been 2 years married and it wouldn't be until another 7 years before my first baby came along.  I was so young and didn't even know of the blessings that were ahead of me.

Flowers for my 43rd BirthdayHubby often brings me flowers for my birthdays, but he knew that I had a desire to have them DELIVERED to me as a surprise.  Well, look what was delivered to me from our local florist!  It was such a wonderful surprise.

My daughter bought me some flowers, too.  She knew that I liked tulips and that my favorite color was fuschia, and she found these for me.  We put them in a vase, and I really enjoyed looking at them.  Unfortunately, after her daddy's flowers arrived, she really worried that I didn't like hers as much!  Awww!  I tried to assure her that I loved them both and hers were just as special to me as the larger arrangement.  I loved the simple elegance of my tulips.  They're so calm and serene next to the busy-ness of the larger arrangement.

PhotobucketOverall, I had a wonderful birthday.  The flowers were so beautiful, and I was able to just relax and enjoy the day.  Not a bad way to mull over how 20 years had passed so quickly!


Stephanie said...

Wow what an awesome update to your blog :) the flowers were beautiful. Looking forward to following you. I'm a new follower from the swap-bot blog swap ( stefenfetchit)

Vik said...

Happy Birthday Karla!
Age is just a number.

Anonymous said...

This is the best age ever. Same as mine, also...