Sunday, May 20, 2012


We all could stand a little more kindness in this world, couldn't we?  We can't always make others be kind, though we'd like to, I'm sure.  But if we made the first move and extended kindness to someone else, do you think their burden might be lightened even a little bit that they would find it in themselves to be kind to someone else that passes into their world?

I love the commercial showing someone extending a kindness to someone not realizing that there is someone else watching them.  And then that person who was watching this person being helpful or kind to someone extended a kindness to someone who crossed their path that day, who then extended a kindness to someone else, and so on.  I can't remember whose ad that was (I'm sorry, unknown company), but it was really a wonderful commercial.  We need more ads, more pictures of kindness, of people caring for one another.  I endeavor to have more moments of kindness in my life.  So in kindness, I share with you a few of my favorite sites about kindness.  I hope you will check them out for encouragement and ideas in sharing kindness in your world. is a wonderful site that shares stories of kindnesses done and kindnesses received along with ideas to express kindnesses.  Check out their Smile Cards, too.  My daughter and I love to use them.  I have used them by handing them to the cashier in a fast-food drive-thru, along with the money to pay for the car's order behind me.  I ask the cashier to pass the card to the driver when they tell them that their order has already been paid.  My daughter has used them by including them with a dollar bill and placing them under a windshield wiper blade on a random car or two.  Of course you don't need to spend money to do a kindness.  What ways might you use a Smile Card?

Another favorite of mine is Operation Nice.  Very simple and encouraging.  Just check them out.  :)

Today I discovered Kind Over Matter.  I look forward to looking more in depth over their blog.  They have generously shared some free printables that you should certainly check out.

And Squidoo has this website which has a little bit of everything, including mention of the sites I just mentioned above!  Plus lots more!  Be sure and check that out.

I'm going to permanently list these favorite sites of mine over in the right sidebar for a quick find.  I hope that you find something encouraging and perhaps a new idea or two to help you spread a little kindness today.  We all could use a little more NICE in our day, couldn't we?

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