Tuesday, May 22, 2012


Having never been one to be right up there with the latest fad, and in reality, oftentime not being with the latest fad (they come and go...who needs that stress of trying to keep up?), I have discovered a new world.  Fad or not, and I hope it's not, Pinterest has gotten my interest!  Oh my goodness, what a plethora of images and ideas!

So I asked for an invitation.  Who knew you had to be invited?  And I got an invitation.  So I've started a few "boards" there where I've pinned images and ideas that interest me (pun intended).  Images that range from my love of crochet, of course, to ideas of organization.  Ways to organize my crafty stuff is foremost in my mind and therefore is reflected on my board primarily right now, but also ways to organize other things, from crayons to paper to just STUFF!  I pin pictures I see from others' boards, but also, I can pin from a website that has some cool idea.  Or crochet pattern!

Speaking of crochet patterns, look what I found!  Click here!  Really!  Oh my goodness, I was in heaven.  Though it is a book made in China, or Japan?, you don't need to worry if you're not reading fluently in that language.  The patterns all have standard diagrams of the stitches!  So I hope you are fluent in reading crochet diagrams.  If not, I'm sure someone will be able to help you.  Check it out!

And come check out my boards on Pinterest!  Feel free to pin from there!

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