Monday, October 15, 2012


Today my 3 year old daughter and I were watching the Mickey Mouse Club on the Disney Channel.  During their commercial they asked the children what day it was.  After a sufficient pause, they answered "Sunday!"  I looked at Gracie and told her excitedly that it was Sunday!  She looked out the window at our overcast, rainy skies, brow furrowed in confusion, and exclaimed "No!  It not Sunday!  The sun not sunshine!" (meaning the sun was not shining)  Ahh, how easily I forget the simplicity of a child's understanding.  I wish everything was so simple.

So I've missed blogging.  I figured the only way to get back into it is to just jump in and post. What have I been doing lately?

We enjoyed our time in Panama City Beach, Florida this past Summer during Kelley's dance competition/impromptu vacation.  Her group dances placed 1st in several dances!  But now, after dancing since she was 2 years old, with a missed year in there somewhere, she has decided not to dance anymore.  It has been fun watching her these past 12 years.  I will miss that part of her.  But she's been more interested in writing this past year, so I think she wants to devote more time to it.  She has quite a talent for writing so I hope that she can polish her skills and enjoy becoming a published author.

I would like to get back to my love of crocheting and have some beautiful projects completed so that I can picture them here.  I always enjoy looking back on this blog and seeing my past projects.  And seeing how little my children were!  I'm yearning to begin an afghan, especially as the temperatures drop here in southeast Georgia.  It's always such a cozy feeling to have a developing afghan drapped across my legs as my hands make the yarn and hook dance.

What I have been doing in the past month is pick up my love of postcards and begin Postcrossing again.  How wonderful to find a postcard sent from a random place in the world in my mailbox again.  I've also gotten back on one of my favorite swapping sites, Swap-bot.  This is another wonderful place to go to join in postcard swaps.  My mailbox has been happy these past 6 weeks as it has been receiving postcards almost daily!  Here are some of the beautiful postcards that have been traveling the world to land in my mailbox.

This postcard is via Postcrossing and came from Weronica in Sweden.

This cutie came via Postcrossing from Germany.

This lovely butterfly fluttered to my home via Swap-bot's "Postcard Lovers #13" swap.
It was sent from Stephanie aka smadionia.

This awesome skyline view of Philadelphia came via Swap-bot's "Quotecard PC #64" swap.
Thank you, KaliTracer!
This also came via Swap-bot's "Quotecard PC #64" swap. Who remembers these characters?
Thank you, Doppelganger!

And this postcard came via Postcrossing from Russia.

Look at the beautiful stamps on the Russian postcard!
I just adore postage stamps.

And now I leave you with my two youngest children.  My baby just turned 3 years old!  Ah, how time flies.

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