Saturday, December 22, 2012


I just took advantage of a free photo offer at Walgreens and wanted to share it with you.  It is only for today, December 22nd.  Upload a photo.  At checkout use the code FREE5X7, and the $1.99 price for a 5x7 will be waived.  Then either select to have your photo picked up at your local Walgreens or pay $1.06 to have the 5x7 shipped to your home.  I opted to have it shipped to my home as my Walgreens is 30 minutes away.  I figured I'd use the $1.06 or more in gas just to go get the free photo and return home.  But if you coordinate picking your photo up during a time you're driving by your Walgreens or doing shopping, then it's a great deal to just pick it up in the store.  :)

Also, if you do not have a Walgreens in your area...I don't know if it's only here in the south (Georgia) may still be able to take advantage of the offer.  You'd just pay for the shipping. :)


(And sorry if that whole post just sounded like an advertisement!  LOL!  I really just intended to share something FREE with you all!)

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