Sunday, December 23, 2012


It is Sunday morning, 12:04 am, and I'm finally getting a moment to sit down with my thoughts.  The children are all in bed after much excitement at seeing me finally bring out some Christmas presents that I've been hiding and being very secretive about.  I prefer to wait to the last minute to put presents under the tree as the children have been known to shake and even PEEK at them!  Yep, that old "untape the end of the present and peek inside the wrapping and then tape it back up" trick!  I have nipped that a bit this year by putting their present in a plain brown box before wrapping.  Try to peek in that!  Last year, I wrapped their gift and then put it inside another box and wrapped that box, too!  These children are smart - let them handle and shake their presents and they seem to figure out what they're getting!  Hopefully not this year.  Let the excitement and anticipation linger a little while...

We could not get a full-sized tree this year.  I was a little disappointed about that as our local nursery had some beautiful trees.  Instead I bought a fake, yeah - FAKE, 4' tree this year.  Actually it is a fiber-optic tree and it looks quite beautiful still even if it is fake and only 4' tall.  The children like it, and it covers the few presents under it quite nicely.  It is a good table-top tree, and I will still use it future Christmases even when we have a full-sized tree to adorn.

Jessica has already been asking me if we can open presents on Christmas Eve like we normally do.  She is so excited about what she could possibly be getting.  It makes me smile to see her excitement.  And yes, we'll probably open them Christmas Eve.  Or we might make it to Christmas 12:01 am Tuesday, December 25, 2012!

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