Wednesday, January 1, 2014


It's a new year, and I thought it was appropriate to pick up this blog again.  I have really missed posting last year.  The only post I made was on the very first day of the new year, just like I'm doing now.  However, I will post more frequently and perhaps you'll like to follow along with me through 2014!

I am actually very excited today.  It's January 1st.  A brand new year.  A brand new, clean slate.  I have lots of goals, big and small.  I have even written them down and encouraged my family to do a list for themselves, too.  And they did!

One of my BIG goals for the new a new house.  We have outgrown this house...years ago!  And while I love how close I think our family is, I know we all would like our own space.  I know that I have felt a world of difference getting my own room last year and not sleeping on the sofa bed.  I'm a light sleeper and I would hear every creak of the floor, every sound of someone moving around in the kitchen, the cars going by outside!  I was a grumpier mommy before my family arranged that I have a room to sleep in and escape to when needed.  I had a very smooth year emotionally last year. :)

And one of my small goals is to simply Smile More!  I think we could all stand to do that.  No matter what our circumstances are. :)

So this is my 1st post of 2014.  I look forward to making MANY more!  So be sure to come visit with me here every once in awhile.  I look forward to seeing you!

Have an AWESOME New Year 2014!

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