Friday, September 24, 2004

Confession is good for the soul..

Ok, ok! I CONFESS! Let me first say - I'm a newbie to BLOGGING! I'm bound to make first time mistakes, right? Having said that, I have a confession to make. I was STEALING buttons! Or bandwidth. Or something!

I couldn't figure out how to make buttons appear on my page like you other bloggers have, so I studied a page or two, you know your html code. Well, by cutting and pasting the code from someone else's page, I was able to get the buttons to appear on my page! Yippee! However, I have been gently told that my buttons were 'hot' and illegal. (I knew it was too easy!)

However, I will have you all know that thanks to Gloria, she has helped me figure out how to put buttons on my page, saving the pictures to my computer, uploading them to a web bin (Photobucket, in this case), and retrieving them from same. Whew! I knew there had to be something wrong with having code in your template indicating the picture was being retrieved from someone else's album. I suppose you have to do it just outright wrong and illegal to be clearly shown the right way. Thanks so much, Glo, for taking the time to help me keep it legal.

Now, I'm working on getting your button on my blog, Glo, but having trouble saving it. It's a .jpg file, but my computer doesn't want to save it as such. It wants to save it as an .art file. I'm sure it's something simple. I'll just have to figure it out when I'm not so tired! It is going to be an early night tonight. No staying up 'til the wee hours of the morning playing with my blogger page. It has been fun, though!

Oh, and before I go, I just got an email indicating that my "order has been shipped". What order? An order from JoAnne's! I received an email for $10 off any order $10.01 or above. I don't order from them because they're kinda high-end prices to me. Then you have to pay for shipping... Well, with the offer to get almost free yarn, what could I do? I had to make a purchase! I was only able to order 3 skeins of 3 different yarns to keep it near the $10 mark, but for it all, I'm only paying $6.73, $4.95 of it being shipping. Looking at the email I received, they had to put a dollar amount on each item, I suppose, so they say I'm paying $.83 for one skein of yarn, $.27 for another, and $.24 for the last. Wow! Now that's cheap yarn!

Oh, I bet ya'll want to know what I ordered....well, I do too! No, actually the invoice doesn't give the brand name and I looked at so many several times that I forget what I ordered! I remember I ordered one of the furry or novelty yarns, maybe 2? and then a Caron Simply Soft.

Now to go to little TJ is crying and ready to go back to sleep. So, until next time, the saga pauses...

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withahook said...

Karla, your blog looks great! You're doing a wonderful job. :o)