Friday, September 24, 2004

Crochetville Yarn Swap

I just joined Crochetville this month, or last month?, and I've already joined a Yarn Swap! Well, Miss Speedy Gonzalez, aka Ewe Devil, has already sent me some wonderful yarn! BERNAT! I really like Bernat brand a whole bunch, but I don't ever buy it for myself. I was telling Rebecca that any Bernat yarn that I have has been given to me. Well, I think I have started seeing some of the baby yarn at Wal-mart, but not much selection there. So I can never have enough of this Bernat! And yes, I do already have plans for it. It will be used in DH's afghan! The poor guy needs his own blankie, don'tcha think? Here's a pic of what Rebecca gave to me. Isn't it so handsome? Perfect for a man-ly 'ghan. Thanks again, Ewe Devil!

Crochetville Yarn Swap! This is from Rebecca...
3 navy, 2 gray, and 1 white!

Oh! And a postcard from Texas!


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Rebecca said...

YAY!! i'm so glad you enjoy your yarn - and you already have a plan - woo hoo!!

Anonymous said...

Hi Karla! Wow it's great to see a fellow HMBer blogging. :D I just love the bearghans. They just turn out so wonderful! I am a member of Crochetville also but I've yet to get involved in any of the swaps. I guess I feel like I've got my hands full with CL exchanges and HMB. :D That yarn swap looks mighty tempting Looking forward reading your blog. :D

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