Sunday, September 26, 2004

Hurricane Jeanne

Well, it looks like Hurricane Jeanne has hit Florida! I am feeling so sorry for the people down there and cannot even imagine how they are feeling. They must be so weary with this coming after Frances and Ivan.

Georgia's Governor Perdue has put us under a State of Emergency. As I look at the satellite photos of where Jeanne is now, I can see why. As I type this at 4:25 in the morning, the winds have picked up outside my window. The weather is cool and smells so fresh. Beyond that, there is not even a hint that a storm is brewing behind this wind. I suppose we should prepare ourselves to be without power, because it looks like stronger winds are heading our way. We are about 70 miles northwest of Savannah, Georgia so we are not far from coastal Georgia.

Storms have always quickened my pulse with excitement. I don't know why. I'm certainly no storm chaser. But I've always enjoyed windy days for as far back as I can remember. Which is ironic, because I can remember when I was a child, perhaps about 7 or 8?, my older brother and I were walking home from school. We were living in Tampa, Florida then. (ironic, huh?) And we literally were being pushed back by the winds while we were walking home! We were laughing. Or maybe my brother was laughing, making a game out of it. I think I was a little afraid. I mean, it's a little disconcerting to be trying to walk forward and the wind is so strong that you're actually walking backward! Looking back now, I wonder if they were a part of hurricane winds. Being so young, weather forecasts were not something I would be keeping up with. Why would I enjoy windy days now? I don't know. But I do actually feel a bit of excitement when the winds start picking up. However, when they get really strong, like the tornado that was a mile from our home up in north Georgia 5 years ago, it is scary. You feel a little insecure and helpless.

I'll try to keep updated on the storm. If I don't post in a few days, I'm without power. At least, I pray that's all we're without!

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