Tuesday, October 5, 2004

Ogeechee Fair

Last night, DH and I took the children to the fair in the next town. Kelley, our 6 year old, was the most expressive about it all. She'd never been to a fair and I don't believe she really knew what one was. As we drove there and got closer, I told her to look for 'the fair'. "What does it look like, Mommy?" "You'll know when you see it!" Oh and boy did you know when she saw it! A loud squeal from the back seat "I see it, Mommy! Look!" "Look, Mommy, Look!" More squeals of delight. Jessica, our 3 year old, had fallen asleep during the brief ride (30 minutes) to the fair and NOTHING could wake her up! I tried to shake her leg, calling her name. And of course, Kelley was squealing and saying "Jessie, wake up! Look! We're there!" But she would not wake up! So this was Kelley's moment. The police and state patrol were out directing traffic and we were lined up behind cars also waiting to park. Kelley was in the back seat saying "C'mon! Move cars!" ha!ha! This was the fair's first night, and free admission night, so it was crowded! We got a good parking space however, and Kelley was out the door as soon as we unlocked her back door. She was like reigning in a wild horse!

When we got inside the gate, her AWANA leader from church was there and he and his wife and grandchildren were leaving. We stopped to talk a moment, but where Kelley would normally be all excited to see him, she still was, but the whole time her eyes were pointed straight ahead at the lights of the all the rides and the Ferris Wheel standing bright against the night sky, and her hand was tugging at mine. Laughingly, I told her director that Kelley had eyes for nothing tonight but the fair!

We stayed 3 hrs before it was all over. Jessica had woken up as DH got her out of the car when we arrived, and though excited by all the bright lights and chatter of the crowd, she was a bit more overwhelmed by the people and lights. She didn't want to ride the rides until after DH and Kelley and TJ (4 months) got on the Carousel. She watched and then told me she wanted to get on. So the next ride, she and I rode together. She wouldn't ride the little train with Kelley, but while TJ and I watched Kelley on the train, DH took Jessie to the flying elephants a few rides away. I tried to get pictures of DH and Jessie, but it was really too far away even with a zoom lens. I wanted to capture the children and their first fair!

After only 2 rides a piece, we started on our way to get a little food. On the way, we stopped by this little game where everytime was a winner. This was pulling little plastic ducks out of a tub of water, and then picking a stuffed animal prize according to a code on the bottom of the duck. Kelley chose a yellow stuffed duck, and Jessica chose a white seal. So now the girls had their first prize from the fair.

After eating a small bite, we stopped by the Arts and Crafts booths on the way out. The girls weren't ready to go yet, but they didn't complain much thankfully. We had come with so little money ($20), and it was gone. We told them we'd come back before the fair left town and bring some more money to stay longer and ride more rides, play more games, eat more food! ha!ha! The Arts and Crafts booth did have some crochet work, afghans, baby items, dolls, doilies, and even a thread angel that stood 2 feet tall! It had a 1st Place ribbon on it, of course. It was beautiful. I think next year I will submit some crochet work. It will be the first time I ever have. I saw no knitting, so maybe I'll submit something in that category, though I rarely knit. I'm sure I could find something to knit.

We headed home after that and the girls were pleasantly tired. I knew they would sleep well, and they did. Even I was tired, and I am a night owl. We got home about 10:45 pm and they went to bed soon after. I knew they would have pleasant dreams of the fair.

Here are some pictures I took at the fair... Well, as soon as I find my digital camera, I'll upload the pics...where is that camera?

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Anonymous said...

Hey Karla! What a great time! We took our kids to a fair for the first time this year too. They are older though so they had to be "cool" about their enthusiasm. LOL. Can't wait for the pictures!!!

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