Saturday, October 2, 2004

Photobucket should be called Photodump

Ok, I had this all typed out already, and then it got lost in cyberspace! Augh! So let's try again.

Photobucket had some problems and lost all my pictures I had uploaded for my blog. Imagine my surprise to see my blog and all those boxes with little red 'x's in them! So I went to Photobucket, and ALL MY PICTURES WERE GONE! Augh! Seems they had some technical difficulties. I'm not complaining, mind you. Hey, I'm happy that they're hosting my pictures!

I can't believe it's been since Tuesday that I last wrote! It's been a busy week.

  • Tuesday, had an appointment
  • missed church on Wednesday night
  • Thursday was DH's birthday and our 15th Anniversary (DH gave me $50 after asking what I wanted for our anniversary - MONEY! Of course, I'm spending that on YARN!) Thursday night we also went to the first meeting of the 40 Days Of Purpose campaign that our church is hosting. (see this site, too) How awesome! I really like the book, and if you don't have it, you oughta get it. It's blunt, to-the-point, and so far pretty accurate. Now I do take issue with Chapter 2 about pre-destination. I don't believe that God predestined our lives to happen, every moment as it's happening. I believe He KNOWS everything and every moment of our lives, but not that He 'PLANNED' it. For example, I don't believe that He predestined those who died 9-11 to die that way! He KNEW it, but He didn't PLAN it. His enemy and ours, Satan, is the one who coordinates time, and people, and events to happen in destructive ways. I mean that's his whole purpose, since we're talking about purpose here. Satan's is to seek, kill and destroy. Not that he was PLANNED that way, but he was created with free choice like we all are, and he chose to disobey his 'parent', his creator. But God didn't PLAN Satan like that. Neither does He plan for us to die in whatever way we die, or orchestrate bad happenings. He can't! It's totally against His Character. He is LOVE! Anyway, didn't mean to preach, but just wanted to say, do think about what you're reading. Overall, I can agree with Pastor Warren, but I don't agree with everything. And that is ok. I can glean a lot of good points from his book. So check it out if you haven't already.
  • Friday I went to my first MOPS meeting. My pastor's wife gave me a gift of a year's membership at my son TJ's baby shower in July. Isn't that a unique gift! I'm looking forward to participating this year. It was great!

  • After the MOPS meeting Friday, I went to Walmart looking for BH&G's Simply Creative Crochet magazine after reading that a fellow crocheter found an issue at her Walmart. Well my Walmart didn't have it. (pout) HOWEVER! I did find Interweave Knits' CROCHET magazine! Yes, I bought it. Pricey, but I know that Interweave Knits is a classy knitting magazine, and I loved the few issues I have, so I figure any publication they put out will also carry that same reputation of being classy. I have only had time to thumb through the issue, but look forward to being able to sit down and really devour it with my eyes!

    While at Walmart, I also picked up two skeins of Lion Brand Chenille for a hat. I'm going to make it for my neighbor. When she saw the pattern for the Floppy Brim Hat, her mouth dropped open and she told me how much she LOVED it. So I think I'll make it for her.

    Yesterday's mail brought my first order from JoAnn's, too! I had received an email for $10 off any order $10.01 or more. So of course, I had to buy some yarn with that $10! I paid the few dollars that went over $10 plus the $4.95 shipping for 3 skeins of yarn. I wanted to try Bernat's Satin (oooooh, it's gorgeous! An acrylic but soft and so shiney!), Patons' Bohemian (which turns out is basically a chenille, pretty though), and then a Caron's Simply Soft (I've always loved Caron's Simply Soft!) Except for the Caron's SS, I'm getting to try out new-to-me yarn!

    Well, that's it for now! For you crocheters, go crochet something! Knitters...go knit something! Ciao for now!


    Anonymous said...

    Hi Karla - I'm Lisa, a fellow crocheter in Georgia. (I live in the Stockbridge area.) I wanted to let you know that I found the BHG Simply Creative Crochet magazine at my local Barnes & Noble. Also, the poncho you made for your little girl looks great (and the model is adorable!)

    My crochet blog is at, if you should want to take a look.

    Lisa :)

    Jennifa said...

    lol, instead of photobucket, how about photo-kicked-the-bucket? lol, I know, that's bad...

    I found this when I was searching for new crochet blogs, glad to find you :) The Bernat satin looks beautiful, as does the Bohemian...let me know how that works up, I'm not big on yarns that are so fluffy that you can't see the holes to crochet into!