Friday, December 31, 2004

New Yarn Acquisition

You know with all the devastation going on the Indian Ocean territories, Sri Lanka, Thailand, India, etc., our comfortable, 'safe', uneventful lives seem...petty. I don't know what the word is. I'm not sure what I'm trying to say. But isn't it just overwhelming what is going on over there? And the lives that are GONE! It's truly like a warzone over there, with the amount of the dead. But there is no war. It's like....senseless! Random....unimaginable...unfathomable....unexpected. How fragile our lives are. How quickly they can be taken away....

So while in my heart, I'm hurt and aching for the loss of life and the unfairness of it all, I know that life must go on for those of us living. We can't just stop and not go on with our lives. I've experienced death close to me, and I remember feeling that it was unfair that the world should continue turning and everyone continue doing what they've always done when SOMEONE just died! Someone just ceased to exist on this earth! Someone who was loved. Someone who loved! But while we grieve in our hearts for loved ones gone, and even strangers who we don't even know, but somehow touch us in their departing, life does go on. And the world doesn't stop. So we must go on in our own little worlds, in our own little lives, and just remember the person who has left us. Or the people. And remember that they WERE people. They had their own little lives. Their own little worlds. Lives filled with their own enjoyments and interests. They were someone's loved ones.

I am overwhelmed with the number of souls that have left this world through one disaster. It seems silly the little things in my life....

But I must go on and enjoy my life. For as this event tells us all, we don't know when our last breath will be on this earth. It could be tonight. It could be tomorrow. It could be years from now. But we have now. So let's enjoy and celebrate our lives as we remember those who have lost theirs.

On a lighter note, and to continue in the thought of enjoying these little things in our little worlds, I saw this interesting thread/yarn at Walmart tonight. It's Tiki by Red Heart. I told DH that it looks like Chenille that got buzzed at every inch of its length! Have you seen this? Here are some pictures.

I actually got two of the Blush balls to share with two certain ladies, along with a free scarf pattern tear off sheet - but one of the balls is for me! While the Peach was going to be worked up into a Poncho (another free pattern sheet by RH Tiki), the pattern calls to be worked up with a strand of baby yarn. Or a sport-weight yarn. I was planning on making this for someone in particular, but I can't say at the moment. :-) Now I bet as you read that, you wonder if it could possibly be for you! ha ha ha

I'll show ya'll pictures as this gets worked up into something. Stay tuned!

And enjoy your lives abundantly! Fill it up with things you love. Remember your Maker! And remember to help those around you, in your world, that need you. We all need each other.

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Gina said...

Thank you Karla for the reminder of just how fragile life is. If it wasn't for the infrequent visits to the news--my husband is over there in Iraq and so I try not to watch it too often--I would not have known about that disaster. And yet again, people die senselessly in the US over hatred and name-calling. Just BE, because you just never know when is your last day, or moment here. And be a blessing....
I love that yarn! oh-oh, I guess I got to go to Walmart now and see if this local one carries it.
Thanks for showing it to me---ooooh, yummy yarn!