Tuesday, December 21, 2004

Way cool! I've got a Button!

Thank you so much, Jenn for creating a button for me! What a nice surprise! I've always wanted a button but didn't know how to create one. Thank you for giving me one. Yes, I'll definitely use it. :-) I know what you mean about wanting to have a button on your webpage to reference a blog instead of just words. Pictures are so much more interesting!

Hey, everyone, if you want to copy it and save the image to your computer, you're welcome to use it on your blog page. Let me know if you do use it! I'd love to visit new blogs myself and if I know about you, I get to visit you! :-)


Zarzuela said...

Thanks for the comment on my Dusty Miller sweater. I don't think that one is going to get finished any time soon though! LOL. Congrats on getting a button! They sure do help. I love the coasters from your last post too. They are too cute!



Anonymous said...

You are most welcome for the button! It's nothing fancy. Donna (yarntomato) makes the best buttons IMHO. Glad you like it though! :D



Mitzi said...

I've swiped your button - so cute!!!