Sunday, January 30, 2005

"Knit Picks" Catalog

For some reason, and I'm not complaining-I love it!, I received a "Knit Picks" catalog in the mail a week or two ago that has some really yummy yarns in it! I finally had a moment to sit down and really savor the yarns and books listed for sale and am desirous of quite a bit of new yarns! They have some beautiful sock yarn. And the silk blends....mmmmmm.

Oh and some of the trinkets in there! I finally found a source for the sheep measuring tape! I remember seeing someone's blog, was it Rebecca at EweDevil?, who received a sheep measuring tape and it was just so cute. I have a WishList created already over at KnitPicks! Lots of neat stuff!

Anyway, check it out sometime! There's something for everyone it appears!


Heather said...

I got that catalog too...and I don't remember signing up for it but OH WELL! I had to throw it away though, the temptation was too great! What a wonderful selections of yarn and the trinkets were amazing too!!

Anonymous said...

Happy Day Secret Pal!

psst....the link to your wish list gives the error "Your wish list is empty. ". How am I supposed to scope out possible presents??? ;-)

Juli said...

Neat site! The yarn is great! Wish I could knit as there are some really neat projects there too. Gives me incentive to learn.

The sheep measuring tapes are so cute. Thanks for posting a link.