Saturday, January 29, 2005

A quick note

Just a quick note. It's early, almost 4 am, and I haven't even been to bed yet! Hubby will be leaving for work in a few minutes. Then I'll get some sleep.

My birthday was Tuesday, January 25th, so I guess I need to change my profile over there....I'm not "soon-to-be 37" anymore. I'm there, Baby! Hello 40 (notice that I don't even see 38 and 39? why is that?)

I got some lovely crochet related goodies for my birthday from online friends, but I forgot to take a picture! Now I'll have to round them all up and share with ya'll.

Hubby wanted to "postpone" my birthday, though I don't think you can do that - postpone a birthday. Of course, he meant whatever he's going to do as a result of my birthday. So it'll probably be Tuesday, Feb. 1st, when I see what he wants to do for my birthday. Financial stresses dictate that we will have to wait until the end of this month.

My 6 year old daughter woke me up on my birthday with a handmade birthday card....awwww! She is so sweet and thoughtful. Hers was the only card I got from my immediate family or my extended (meaning moms/dad/5 siblings). One brother did call me to wish me a Happy Birthday. My oldest brother...well, if I actually heard from him I'd probably fall down on the floor in a faint - you've heard of dysfunctional families? And my other two brothers are overseas in the Air Force and I rarely hear from them (who knows if they even have my address or email?), and my sister is a busy mother. And mom/dad, busy people, too. My mom Janis did send me a cute e-card. That was very nice. Made me laugh. Except for the brief pick up that my crochet friends gave me with their gifts (Crochet List Birthday Fun Exchange - I had 3 partners who sent me packages), I felt blah and actually a bit depressed most of that day. :-(

Anyway, I will try to get some pictures up here of the gifts soon. I know you would all enjoy seeing what I got! :)

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Anonymous said...

Hi Karla,
I posted a couple of days ago but I don't think you saw it. I would love to make you a butterfly bookmark. What color would you like?
Crochet Fairy