Thursday, January 27, 2005

Various packages received lately

This was from my Secret Pal this month!  Wow!

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I just received this today!  I've been RAOK'd via Crochetville!

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And this is a Comfortghan I just completed for a neighbor who has been diagnosed with breast cancer and is recovering from surgery presently.

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And this is what I also received today from the Crochet List Bookmark Exchange.  Margaret Bunch from Texas sent me all these goodies for the Winter Blues Exchange to chase away the winter blues!  It certainly chased them away here!  At least in my's still 40 or 50-something outside today.  :-(

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Anonymous said...

Hi Karla,
What colors would you like for your butterfly bookmark?
I would love to make you one!
Crochet Fairy

Jewels said...

Your comfortghan is beautiful!! What a thoughtful thing that you did.