Thursday, May 5, 2005

Little girls with digital cameras...

This is Kelley. This is Kelley with a digital camera!

Isn't she a clown? Image hosted by


Rosesandtea said...

I'm sorry to hear about your great-aunt - May the Lord grant your family peace.

Your daughter sounds like a lot of fun!

That tote bag looks very cute. And Fiona is wonderful - I have one of her great cards (she was one of my yarn swap partners).

I didn't know you were in the RHS. I think I'd like to join if I moved home.

Have a good day!

Lulu said...

hahahah, she is adorable..

kelley said...

I AM NOT LITTLE I AM BIG Sseven years old is big not little i don,t doubt it

kelley said...

i like my picturres i saw that smiley

Jennifer said...

I just love Kelley's big blue eyes!

Debi said...

Kelley is adorable! Encourage her creative talent. Let her play with the camera. My own daughter has developed quite an eye for photography, mostly by playing around with cameras. Kelley has inherited your creative genes! Like mother, like daughter. ;-)

Have a blessed day!

ps. enjoyed your blog!