Thursday, May 5, 2005

RAOK'd and Crochetville

Yesterday's email brought a surprise. Someone I didn't even know RAOK'd me with a gift certificate to JoAnn's! Wow! That was really a wonderful surprise. Thank you!

I see that my new Secret Pal (C'ville Summer Secret Pal) is already stalking me - she's commenting on my blog. Or is it a "he"? Who knows? I love to be surprised with a comment from my SP, though. It's just nice to see.

Nothing much going on here crochet-wise. I am still working on a scarf for my Scarf Swap. This yarn is prettier than it is easy to work with. I hope to use it up for this scarf. I don't know that I would want to make anything else with it. If there's any left over, I might just send it on with the scarf! ha ha!

The children are doing well. Unfortunately, TJ had an unexplained fever Tuesday (100 degrees) but it finally broke that night and though he was restless and irritable Wednesday, he didn't have a fever. He nursed well through it all and had plenty of wet diapers, so I wasn't worried about dehydration. His appetite certainly didn't disappear. He was just feverish. I'm glad it's passed. I'm also glad that he is finally getting some rest. I don't think he even took a nap yesterday! If he did it was only for 15 or 30 minutes. Hopefully he will be feeling better today.

That's all for now. But let me show you this cute tote bag I received from House-Mouse yesterday (and they had just shipped it the day before!) I wish they offered some notecards with this design on it. Perhaps I'll just have to ask them to do so!

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