Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Coasters, Bookmark, and PostCrossing!

Just to share some pictures of what I have been working on (besides the Four-Square Doily, which I'm proud to say is finally finished - took less than a week, even through two visits to the frog pond and a pattern error - and is currently being blocked). The first picture is of two coasters for the Crochet Talk Coaster Exchange. These will be a reminder of Summer as Autumn approaches. They were fun to make. The pattern is from the leaflet published by Annie's Attic titled "Crochet Coasters" designed by Stitches N Stuff.

This next project was a bookmark I created for the Crochet List Bookmark Exchange. I call it "Bowties and Lace".

After crocheting this one, I worked up another one, writing the instructions as I went and changing it a little from this original one. I also crocheted it in black thread and in the ivory thread as I wanted the "bowties" to visually "pop" a bit more. As soon as I get the ends woven and it blocked, I'll post a pic of the revised bookmark.

And finally, I just had to show you the latest arrival from PostCrossing!

Image hosted by

This is not really a postcard, but I am NOT COMPLAINING! This is gorgeous! It is from Mafalda who lives in Portugal and she is very creative. I loved this! She indicates in her wonderful letter that she loves scrapbooking and origami and you can really see that in this card. She cut out all those "leaves" on this card and glued them to the card. She also made lots and lots of "petals", arranged and glued them to make "flowers"! Isn't it just lovely? Such creativeness!

On the second page of her letter, it appears that she hand-drew and colored the flowers and leaves surrounding the entire page! This reminds me of what I used to enjoy doing to my own stationary. :)

Mafalda was attentive to my interests I mentioned in my profile over at PostCrossing and included some stamps from Portugal for my stamp collection. They're so colorful and wonderful to look at. Three are of birds and one is of the planets aligning in space.

Another detail she didn't miss about my interests was my love of BUTTERFLIES! Not only did she affix some butterfly stickers to the envelope, but she included some butterfly cutouts in the card and they trickled out like confetti when I pulled the card out of the envelope earlier! How wonderful! This was such a wonderful and FUN piece of mail to receive in my mailbox.

I think I have a penpal as Mafalda obviously likes the "old-fashioned" way of writing, too. Such a lovely and detailed note from her. Thank you, Mafalda! I don't know if you will be reading this again, but thank you for visiting my blog the first time!


MrsFife said...

Several things!
First off, I think I forgot to thank you for one of your earlier posts in which you mentioned the Crochet Talk group. I signed up for the mailing list there. Thanks so much!
Second, what nice mail to get from postcrossing! It's good to know there are still people who believe in "oldfashioned" communication.
Third, nice coasters and bookmark! Will we get a pattern for the bookmark?

Karla said...

Thank you, Swapna, for all your nice comments! Yes, you mentioned that you joined Crochet Talk and I'm so glad that you found a new crochet group to join! Can't get enough talk about crochet and yarn and other needlearts! :) Postcrossing is GREAT! Thank you for posting about your experiences with it, 'cause your post is the avenue that got me into it! And YES, there will be a pattern for the bookmark for you and anyone else interested. Let me tweak it and I'll let you know when I have it up on my blog! :) Thank you again for all your nice comments.

Mafalda said...

Hello Karla!
Thank you for your nice words, it was a pleasure!
Come and visit my blog :)!

Anonymous said...

Love your coasters and bookmark! Can't wait for the bookmark pattern ;)

Your secret Cville Pal

jaclim said...

Great job on the doily and coasters and bookmark, Karla! I see that we share the same love for butterflies. :-)))))

Anastacia said...

Love the coasters. I love ice cream almost as much as I love knitting/crocheting