Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Blog Contest Winners ....

Many of you remember that I ran a contest on my blog from September 14 through September 30 in honor of Blog Anniversary month! Well, I have all the Commenters noted and have counted them for the person who left the most comments during that two week period. And the winner, with 15 comments, is...

Juli of Juli's Jots!

Congratulations, Juli! Thank you for visiting my blog often and leaving so many comments. I'll have a surprise in the mail to you next week. Give me a few days to put it together!

I also decided that I would have two Runner-Up prizes. Yippee! Aren't you excited?

  • 2nd Runner-ups .... Ulrika of Medoue and Jan of Wisconsin with 5 comments each.

Runner-ups, please send me your mailing address so I can send you a little something!

I'd also like to thank all these people, in no particular order, for their comments during that time period.

And though my daughter was ineligible to win in the contest, I still send Kelley of Kelley's Korner my thank-you's, too, for her comments on my blog! Thank you, Honey!

If you all care to send me your mailing address, I'll send you a pretty postcard as an additional "Thank You"!! Everyone likes FUN mail rather than just bills and junk mail, right? You can email me straight from my blog (the mailbox and envelope icon above my button in the right column) or at tcsgirlataoldotcom.


Ulrika said...

Oh wow! Thanks! :-)
I really enjoy your blog!

Have a good day!

Mafalda said...

Hi Karla, thanks for mentioning me!
Could I ask you a favour? Would you ming changing my link to the English version of Caixa de Surpresas? It's
I would like your friends to be able to undersatand what I say!
Thanks again,

ck said...

Wow! You are so generous. I'm sure the winners will love their prizes.

Anastacia said...

yeah for contests! No need to send me anything -- I appreciate the thought, and the mention even more :).


Juli said...

Wow! I won! :) Sometimes it pays to be a big mouth like me. lol.


Jan said...

Thanks very much!! I would have posted much more, but my DH was in the hospital for 2 weeks!!! WOW, what a very long 2 weeks. He had a colonoscopy & had polyps. One couldn't be removed, so he had to had to have surgery which while during surgery, he must have been bumped or something or the dr. said that he laid too long in a position that caused him to get a slipped disk & pinched nerves. I am finally back!! He is still in lots of pain & takes lots of pain meds & goes to PT.
Thanks again,
God Bless
Always Jan