Saturday, October 29, 2005

Thank you, Knitting Diva!

Today's mail brought a wonderful surprise from Cheryl! Look at these most adorable knitting notecards! Weeks, maybe months!, ago I saw someone post a picture of these notecards on their blog, and I was covetous! Now, it's not good to covet, but I am happy to say that I have been given my own set now! Thank you so much, Cheryl! Your Diva Knitting Challenge was fun. I just wished I had had more personal time to do more squares in a variety of patterns, knitted and crocheted, for your afghan(s). Your "thank you" was too generous!

Yesterday, I mailed a bookmark to my bookmark buddy over at CLBMX. It's a crocheted butterfly and I decided to just make a long tail of beads (not that butterflies have tails) so it'd be a little different. I hope Maria likes it! I took a picture of it in my rosebush outside. Just click on the picture if you need a bigger looksee!

And I finally took a picture of the lapghan that Online Angels sent to DH. What a great way to recycle those denim jeans (is that redundant? I mean, aren't all "jeans" denim?)


Sorka said...

Awh.. man.. all I got was yarn from Cheryl..heheheh and it is hopefully going to turn into a cravat and hat for the church craft auction!
Hey our little blanket squares might end up in the same blanket keeping someone somewhere warm.. isn't that cool?!!!

Man nice blanket! That is a Great way to recycle jeans!!

Mafalda said...

That's a very nice bookmark!
And now I know what I should do with all the jeans I've kept because I knew I would find them useful for something! :)

Tina said...

I have some cards almost identical to those! Do you have a Michaels where you are? That's where I got mine, for a dollar!
What a coincidence that you posted a jeans quilt; I am saving jeans to make my 13 year old one!
Reduce, reuse,recycle... ;)