Thursday, March 30, 2006


A new Work-in-Mind (WIM) is this unique yarn Knecklace by Hilary Engebretson. I discovered it over at Has anyone else knit this yet? If so, please leave a comment directing us to a picture of your Knecklace. And if you haven't tried this small project yet but do knit one, let me know, and take a picture to share with us. I'd love to see various peoples' version of this "Knecklace".

I like the ivory color used in the first version. However, I can envision a golden Knecklace, or a black one, and I also see bead embellishments.....What do you envision?


Jennifer said...

hey karla,
i got ur link off of mom2rays site:) thanks for stopping by!

Netter said...

Hello Karla, Thank you for the lovely compliments after you visited my main site and my craft site. I love it when new people stop in and say hello. Visit again. I'm going to add you to my links, if that is OK. I have enjoyed reading your site and have a template question for you. How did you get the icons to float on your "Where I roam" section? That is soooo neat.
OH, by the way....I got so excited when I saw your POST CROSSING post. I had never heard of it and everyone knows I am a postcard nut. LOL, I harass people when they go on trips so that they will send me a postcard. I hounded my cousin until she promised to send me a postcard when she was on her honeymoon. I know, I'm bad. Well, HEY, I did address all of her wedding invitations for her. lol.

Gracie said...

I haven't done the Knecklace, but I have thought about it. It is really pretty. Love the postcard as well.

JulieP said...

The Knecklace is a nice pattern. A bit unusual, I haven't seen anything like that. I may try it if I can find some yarn.