Tuesday, April 4, 2006



Ok, I FINALLY got to try these!

Hershey's Kissables!

Ever since I first saw the commercial announcing them (oh the power of the advertisement), I thought "Aw! I gotta try 'em!" I love Hershey's Kisses! And look at them! How cute are they?

Kissables and M&M's

When I heard a description of them, I thought they couldn't be any different than M&M's. "Chocolate ... Candy Coating"... sounds like an M&M. But actually they are a little different. I'm not sure what it is...I think the chocolate of the Kissable is softer than the chocolate of an M&M. And it seems the coating on the Kissable is thicker than on an M&M. Though I'm not sure what the difference is, there is a slight difference. But the bottom line is, they're good ... If you like M&Ms. Image hosting by Photobucket

And have you seen these?

MEGA M&M's!!!! Image hosting by Photobucket Well, here are what they look like compared to a regular M&M...

Mega vs Regular

They are a little bigger and heavier than the regular M&M. And they're yummy .... if you like M&M's! (Can you tell that I do? Image hosting by Photobucket)


Ok, I mentioned yesterday that I'd try to get some neighborhood pictures to show you how Spring has arrived here. Enjoy!

Kennedy Street

College Street

South Williams Street

I know the date setting ruined some really good pictures. I had set my camera to turn off the date feature, but because the door on my camera is broken, I often have to hold it closed and my camera shuts off when I don't do that well, resetting the clock feature when I get it to come back on. I want to go around town again and take some more pictures and be sure that I turn that date feature off. The pictures are really pretty otherwise. Hope you enjoy the views!

And now, I really MUST get busy making up some more things for the festival our town is having on April 15th. Kelley's birthday is that day, too. And she's going to be dancing with her class there at the festival. I hope I get a chance to see her perform. I will have a craft booth set up and I'm hoping my friend, and possibly my mom-Janis, too, will be there and I could steal away to watch Kelley.

So ciao for now!


Sara said...

I love the Spring time photos!

emy said...

Those Hershey kissables look way interesting. I don't think they stock it here in Singapore :(

Lucy said...

It's odd saying candy is cute but dang if those aren't the cutest little candies...ya just wanna "eat 'em up!" Love the spring pics....can't wait for it to arrive in PA.

Jennifer said...

ooooooo, the spring pics are sooo pretty. my flowers here havne't quit bloomed as much yet. hopefully in the next few days:D

Jennifer said...

oh yea, good luck selling all ur goodies, and good luck to ur daughter!

Netter said...

OK, I was a little scared to try those Hershey kissables...now you have me convinced that I need to buy them NOW. Boy I can tell you are further south than me, our flowers are not quite to the blooming point. The plum and pear trees are just starting to really bud out and the azaleas are no where near blooming. I do have my tulips coming up and things like that but there isn't a lot of action around here yet. Darn it, love spring.

OH! FYI! Your Daugher's name is Kelley...spelled the way my friend spells her daughers name. Nifty! I don't see it spelled like that very often.

Paul said...

Its your little bro. Just at work during lunch. When did you start working? One thing that I can tell you is that you NEED to ask a lot of questions. I've really only used about 10% of what I learned in school, the rest has been through asking my co-workers questions. I know that some people (bosses) don't like you to bother them, but at least it shows you have interest and initiative to get the answers. I hope all is well, tell everyone hello.