Monday, April 3, 2006


Friday was a tough day for me as I worked all day at this part-time/as-needed-basis job. I'm assisting in typing appraisals and inputting info in the computer. It's an interesting job, and I know I will feel better about it as time goes along and I get more experience doing them. Right now I feel like a fish out of water. Or that I'm just barely keeping my head above water. The first day I spent the day looking over Alicia's (boss lady) shoulder as she input info in the computer, and I'm taking notes of the process. Day 2 - I got some hands-on experience...but I was barely swimming! I felt so lost! I had to keep asking questions. And doing appraisals, it's hard to manage interruptions. One gets their mind into the process and then all of the sudden has to's hard to work that way on this material.

Though still feeling a lost, I managed to finish an appraisal that was wanted THAT day (Friday). However, it took me ALL day (and my boss had wanted me to do THREE appraisals that day! HA!), and several reprints. And still I wasn't sure I had everything necessary on it. Alicia was away for the weekend and that left her husband there to whom I could direct questions. But he's like a whirlwind when he's in the office, mind going everywhere, and he hardly has time to stop and listen to my questions. He's hardly ever there TO ask questions to! But I managed to get enough answers that I muddled through. He left around 5'ish but I stayed until 7'ish. I know I need some hands-on experience, but I still wish for a little more training. And Alicia to be there...she's much more mellow and patient with my questions...

I finally got home about 7:30 that evening and was pleasantly surprised to find a "puffy" in the mail. Puffies = Goodies! I couldn't imagine who was sending me something though. I'm in several swaps, but they had all been fulfilled or certainly not due yet. It was hard trying to re-focus my thinking onto the mail, because I was still swimming in summaries, numbers and sketches from work. The return address on the envelope didn't help clear my thinking any. Finally I just opened it! Aren't you glad?

I was too! I'd been RAOK'd! Lu sent me a surprise package and let me tell you, Lu, it couldn't have come on a better day! I was so surprised and just suddenly felt happier than I had all day.

Thank you, Lu!

The toffee is almost gone (I love it!) and I'm still wondering what this interesting yarn is going to turn into.... Thank you SO MUCH for sending this my way. It was such a joy to receive it.


Lu said...

I am glad you liked the toffee and the yarn - enjoy!

Lucy said...

First days at job are always rough but it seems you did good....and what a nice present to come home to in the mail.