Saturday, June 17, 2006



Thank you, Anna! My heartfelt "Thank You!" goes to Anna, one of my former C'ville Secret Pals. She read here on my blog about the black Pineapple Top I had crocheted, and how I have an order for a Turquoise colored top, and she sent me some turquoise Caron Simply Soft which she had previously wound into cakes and recently found in her stash. Wasn't that thoughtful? But what blew me away was the Walmart gift card she included for my family. That really touched me more than her thoughtfulness at sending yarn. Wow. What can a person say to such a generous heart? Only that it's wonderful that the world has people like Anna in it who reach out to others around them, not only in fun, unexpected RAOKs, but also in the heartfelt and generous thoughtfulness for someone's needs, finding some way to ease someone's burdens in a practical way. Thank you again, Anna. My words can't express how your gift made me feel.

FI-32015 Charming Country Flower Scene
Friday's mail also brought this charming postcard from Finland. And I think Tommi personally picked the stamp just for me as I just LOVE dragonflies! Thank you again, Tommi! Enjoy the sights of the swans and cranes at your lake this summer! I hope to one day see a swan in real life and not just in pictures or movies...but I'd still love to see them in pictures, too!

FI-32015 Dragonfly Stamp

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