Thursday, June 15, 2006


Well, it appears that Correctional Officers who had been indicted a few months ago will serve NO TIME for their roles in the violent beating of inmates. You can read the latest story in the Atlanta Journal Constitution here.

Now as in all matters of politics, you have to read between the lines. Any right-minded person has to ask this question...If an officer was originally indicted on felony charges of LYING to law enforcement officials (in an investigation), why would they be told their sentences would be SUSPENDED if they agreed to testify TRUTHFULLY in a future criminal proceeding against (another officer){I am reading between the lines}??? They LIED to law enforcement officials! Why would anything they should say suddenly be deemed credible in a court of law??? It seems to me they would say what the powers that be WANT them to say to keep their sentences suspended. And I have to ask one more question...why is it a FELONY to lie to a law enforcement officer, but a MISDEMEANOR to beat someone up because you're wearing a badge? Does that seem a bit backwards? Is it because of who is on the other end of the officer's criminal acts? A felony because one lied to a LAW ENFORCEMENT OFFICIAL, but a mere misdemeanor because, as in these cases, it was merely an INMATE who was violently assaulted.

What a shame to see right-doing (the reporting of these crimes against humanity) trampled underfoot and injustice (the assault and lying by one in authority) brushed away with no real consequences. What a shame for the State of Georgia.

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Jennifer said...

xiajicoThis is what my neighbor would call the "good ole boy network" at work. I cannot believe how unfair it is and feel for Tommy AND the inmates who suffered the abuse. At times like this we have to remember to look toward our higher power to be just. I'm praying for you all.