Monday, October 9, 2006


Hi, dear readers. Just thought I'd drop a note and "check in". I'm physically fine, just in a slump mentally and not much yarnin' has been going on here. I've mainly been playing in the Paper lately and not so much the Yarn. But my fingers miss the repetitive motion of working yarn into a gift for someone, so I'll be back at it again soon. There's just nothing like the feel of yarn slipping through your fingers and twisting it on itself to make pretty little stitches.

Hubby's Social Security Disability appeal fell through and now his lawyer is going to pick that up and appeal it. Tommy's doctor was so surprised (because she said people with LESS injuries have received it). She was so surprised she asked "Is there something political about it?" which in turn surprised Tommy to hear her put "politics" into the denial because she knows VERY LITTLE of Tommy's whistle-blowing situation and yet the denial must have been so odd to her that that was the only thing she could think would prevent its going through. This sort of affirms to us that the State might very well be manipulating things behind the scenes to keep us down. Paranoia perhaps, but if you readers only knew the details of things not going through when normally they would and just odd things being done/heard/said, you just might be paranoid, too.

Anyway, Tommy's lawyer who is working on his Workers Comp. claim is going to handle the appeal to the Soc. Sec. Admininstration but even then he told Tommy just today that it could be a year before Tommy sees any money coming in.

I'm sure this lingering situation is partly what's got me in a mental slump. The situation affects hubby and therefore affects me. But life is good and we will overcome! You can't keep a good man down, as the saying goes! And he's a good man and he did the right thing! And we'd do it all again!

Be back again soon!

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keri said...

Sending positive thoughts and hugs your way! Hope things start looking up soon.