Saturday, January 20, 2007


...but let's not rush it. I have to do 39 first! And next Thursday will be that day when I've been on this earth for 39 years. Wow. I can hardly comprehend that. I don't feel (almost) 39. Inside I still feel like I'm a young 20 year old. And I wonder if in another 39 years, if I will still feel like that young woman on the inside, while my "outside" has grown old. I imagine that that will be the case, and that that is the case for the elderly people in our world. I imagine that inside, that grandmother rocking in her chair knitting a little baby set still feels like the young woman she once was. Only now, instead of knitting a little layette for her child, she is knitting a little layette for her baby's baby. Surely she wonders how her own child could have a child of his or her own. How time must stand still in our young minds while our bodies diminish with age. It's a story as old as time, yet new to each of us as we approach that time in our own lives...the knowledge of our own mortality.

OH! Sorry! I'm nearing mid-life, not necessarily the end of my life! I think it's probably common for anyone hitting their "mid-life" to consider the fact that 40 can represent the peak of the symbolic mountain of our lives. We've been climbing that mountain for half our life, and now it's a downhill journey. Not necessarily in a negative way! It doesn't mean life ends and we have to be all doom and gloom. Life is still full and meaningful and probably, if what I've heard is true, better than the first 40 years! But we're obviously closer to the end of our lives than ever before, and the thought probably doesn't escape us. Perhaps that knowledge is what prompts people to live more fully and have a better last half of their life than their first half...You think?

Ok, enough of the deep thought.

My SP9 sent me a birthday present. It arrived today. I unwrapped the outer bag that was packaging the present only to find a pretty wrapping paper covering a mystery item and a envelope taped to it that looked very much like a greeting card. I did read the card to discover that not only was this a birthday present but also the identity of my SP was revealed to me! Judy, I have not opened the present yet, but set it aside on the "Birthday Table". I will open it on Thursday unless you think I just HAVE to open it now. Hmmm? It's been great having you spoiling me. Thank you for being such a GREAT SP! I'm sure we'll run into each other again. I'm definitely one of your blog readers.

Speaking of birthday presents, there are two presents from crochet friends at the CLBFX (Crochet List Birthday Fun Exchange). And also a gift bag from my 8 yo daughter, a box of goodies that my 5 year old daughter put together for me (from the goodies in her room, I think!) and a gift bag from my hubby. I've been really good and not peeked at any of them! I've waited this long, I can wait another 5 days. The only birthday gift I've already "opened" is one from Juli and then that was simply because she put it with all the goodies from another exchange. I couldn't help but see my birthday presents then! Thank you, Juli!


Jennifer said...

Karla, I hope you have a wonderful birthday. Remember, it's just a number. I'll be 45 on my next birthday and this is absolutely the best time of my life!

keri said...

Happy early birthday to you, and here's to many more wonderful ones!

Rosesandtea said...

Happy belated birthday! I hope you enjoy this year and that things go really well for you and your family.

Let's think of that 40 as a road sign, and not a mountain peak - you just keep on travelling on the road that God is leading you on!