Monday, February 11, 2008

Bookmark, Again!

Today's mail brought a lovely package from Sue P. for the Crochet List Bookmark Exchange.

CLBMX Sue P.'s Heart Bookmark for Feb 2008

I just LOVE that heart bookmark she crocheted! Isn't it beautiful?! Sue also enclosed some candy hearts, a package of mint-y hot chocolate, a flowered planner book, and two pattern books. The yarn puppy on the cover of that one booklet is too cute. I can't wait to make that!

Here's a close-up of Sue's beautiful bookmark.

Heart Bookmark from Sue P. for the Feb 2008 CLBMX

Thank you, Sue!

I've made a bookmark for Sue, also, but I'll post a picture later as I don't want to ruin any surprise. But be ready! I'll post soon!


Karin said...

What a pretty bookmark! Looks like you got a lot of great things.


Karen (Rosesandtea) said...

Hey girl! I came looking for you via Google after not being at your blog for a long time (several computer meltdowns meant I no longer had any bookmarks!). I'm glad you're still enjoying swaps but more importantly after reading your Dec (?) post wanted to say I'm glad things are looking up a bit. I'm sorry this road has been so hard for you. I wish I was nearer and could have done something practical - even if just meet up. I understand your rationale with the job, etc and wish I had kept more up to date with you to encourage you. I've thought of you fondly quite often, in fact tonight I was thinking of making my daughter a top, and remembered how you helped me think through the whole "backless" top issue a couple of years ago. I'm glad for your help in that.

God bless you. I hope I can keep up to date with you more.
Karen (Rosesandtea)

Anonymous said...

You need to put your age on here. You took it off because you didn,t want everyone to know your age! I have known you for a while.

Lulu said...

hey, hope all is well with you..Havent seen a post from you for a long time..
hugs and prayers