Saturday, October 23, 2010


Thursday turned out to be a beautiful day here in Georgia. Fall is here, and while we've had cool morning temperatures, by the afternoon, the sun has pleasantly warmed the air. The children enjoyed being outdoors. Here are a few pictures showing how they spent their time.

First, Jessie took Gracie for a ride in her Barbie Jeep. Gracie loved it! I was a little nervous, but Jessie put her arm around her and took it slow, and really took care of Gracie.

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Then there was some playtime in the playhouse. But not for long! Too much to do! Let's go find something else to play with!

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The children LOVE the trampoline and Gracie is no exception...

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Eventually, they made it around to the front yard. Jessica wanted to play on the computer...but I guess it was too pretty to go inside just yet, so she brought the computer outside!


And soon she had company...Gracie was dancing to the music that was playing from the computer.

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Before too long they were ALL sitting there at the computer. Kelley's never too far from her ability to text her friends, however.

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Precious TJ looked so thoughtful standing on the porch.


I close with this picture that Kelley took in our backyard. I thought it was amazing.


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